The Benefits Of Volunteering

I have always had the belief that if you are more fortunate than others, then you should give back for the chances and opportunities you have had. As the first week of April is Student Volunteer Week in New Zealand, I am further reminded about the importance of helping our fellow human beings.

I admire the work that non-profit organizations around the world do to make a difference within our society. I believe in the importance of education to foster peace across the globe. Education is the most important foundation that we have to engineer peace and understanding across local communities, countries, and the entire globe. From education we learn the importance of diversity. Furthermore, particularly in developing countries, we are able to collectively stop the poverty cycle through education and increase these countries’ overall Gross Domestic Product. This also benefits women and girls in these areas, as they are often neglected due to sociocultural prejudice and are therefore often left to manage the household and fulfill the desires of their fathers and husbands. By educating young women and girls, we are able to reduce poverty by providing an opportunity for women to engage in the workforce or continue on to higher education. In this way, women can help their impoverished communities, create resources, and develop networks of change.

Overall, education is a fundamental pillar within our society. Barriers need to be broken down to allow women and girls to access high quality education to stop the poverty cycle in developing countries. By volunteering for these types of initiatives either locally or internationally, we can change our world significantly. By allowing everyone to access a good education we are able to prevent a number of topical issues that plague our society and leave us in conflict. Through education we can unite our world and provide the drastic change needed to solve the most pressing global issues of our time.