The Aftermath of Pipeline Bombings in Niger Delta on the People

On Thursday, after the bombings of pipelines in the Niger Delta region, Delta State children appealed to the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) and other militant groups to stop further attacks on oil facilities in the region. The children at a forum in Asaba organised to mark this year’s Day of African Child with the theme “Conflict and Crisis in Africa: Protecting All Children’s Right”, told members of the NDA to consider the plight of the vulnerable group in the event of a full blown war in the region.

The NDA is a militant group of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, which has resorted to destruction of petroleum company facilities and bombing pipelines to gain attention from the Federal government and hear the cries of all and sundry in the oil producing region of Nigeria.

However, since they kick started their militarily organised attacks on facilities, the impact of their actions have not only affected the Federal government, but the common men have suffered the worst hits.

Economically, the Federal government has been affected as income on petroleum has dwindled to half of what it used to be. Some rigs are not functioning fully, thus production has dropped to around 680,000 barrels per day.

The cause the NDA claim to be fighting is clear: Proper care of the common man in the Niger Delta region, and cleansing of the land and their waters. But the impact/result of their actions has worsened the condition of exactly what they’re fighting for which is land pollution and water pollution, among others.

The bombing of pipelines has direct negative impact on the people in the region as it increases pollution of the land and water,. Oil spillage has been a major problem of the region, but spilling more wouldn’t make things better. The polluted waters affect the common man’s source of livelihood in the region as most men are either fishermen or farmers. The lands become oil-soaked as a result of the actions of the bombers

Another cause for concern is that there will be less immigration to the Niger Delta region, where such actions are taking place. With soldiers stationed at almost every corner, the presence of armed men may make a civilians uncomfortable in their own domain.

The action of the Avengers will also drive away potential investors from such areas. This has a direct impact on the populace as it reduces employment possibilities.

The Avengers have claimed to be in the act of avenging the maltreatment of the common man in the Niger Delta region, but they have ended up increasing their suffering.

Oshodi Ebenezer
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