Tension On Russia-Ukraine Border Grows As U.S. Reports A Large Number Of Nearby Troops

A few weeks ago, the world witnessed a growing military presence of Russian soldiers at the Ukrainian border. This regional conflict has evolved over difficult post-Soviet history between Russia and Ukraine. Recently, the fear of a Russian military offensive against Ukraine was confirmed by U.S. informants when they revealed that Russia looks ready to invade Ukraine shortly with around 175,000 troops. Satellite images outlined the magnitude of the siege, as Ukraine’s eastern border is now swarming with Russian troops. 

This potential siege comes at a critical time for Russia’s international relations. It has been reported that President Joe Biden is set to have a meeting with Vladimir Putin to address U.S.-Russia relations. With the U.S. in strategic support of Ukraine and other neighbouring nations, the prospects of Russia conducting an attack on this area will not set the meeting off on a good foot. The relationship between America and Russia is important for many nations as they are both superpowers in a militaristic and economic manner. 

The Kremlin stated that their current relations with America are “lamentable,” which serves as a sign of concern for both of these nations’ citizens and the attached allies that they both contain. Another reason why this is a critical time for Russia is due to the economic landscape that we are currently situated in. Gas prices are through the roof and supply chain shortages persist through all industries. The reason why this is important specifically for Russia is due to their market power in the field of oil and gas.

Without Russia’s supply and development of this important resource, much of the world would be left at a clear disadvantage, and since the price is so high right now Russia has more than enough expendable funds to enter a war with a small nation and avoid a massive economic downfall. This shows that at this current time, Russia has all the power in a situation of siege. Since oil and gas prices are so high, and Russia holds a great deal of it, all players in the market must cooperate with their wants and needs to survive such a tumultuous time. This is of concern for the United States because the leverage they usually have in international negotiations is lessened by an oil-rich Russia. Russia can not only match America in terms of militaristic power, but in the current climate, they also have high ground economically. 

From the perspective of a basic desire for peace, this dynamic is dangerous as the nation that wants to take property and lives does not currently have a mediating rival. To circumvent this issue, cooperation from all nations in support of global peace is vital to maintaining a stable relationship between Russia, Ukraine, and other superpowers of our world. World peace is the main driver of a bright future for us and future generations, and all political decisions should be conducted with the same mentality.