Should Edward Snowden Be Pardoned?

Recently, Elite Daily posted an article regarding Edward Snowden, “Edward Snowden Wants President Obama To Pardon Him Before Leaving Office.” This article proceeds to discuss further about Edward Snowden and how his petition for his pardon was rejected 2 times by President Obama. Obama’s Presidential term is almost coming to an end and The White House has commented on how Snowden should return home and face charges on US soil.”  This famous whistleblower has raised many controversies and still remains a difficult topic to come to a conclusion to.

Edward Snowden is an ex-NSA worker and is famous for revealing information to the public that the NSA was collecting the communication records of millions of Americans indiscriminately.” Right after this act, Snowden fled the country and currently resides in Russia, avoiding his sentence. How should the public perceive him? Everyone should have the right to their privacy and should not feel fear to think that the government is collecting their communication records. Many people are thankful for this whistleblower as his heroic act opened up the public’s eye and awareness. On the other hand, he is shunned by the American government as they consider him a criminal.

This conflict raises a big question for the public: should Edward Snowden be pardoned? A lot of people are grateful for his bravery and his sacrificial heart, as he has decided to give up everything for his public service, and he currently lives in exile. Now, the public is more aware of how much the American government has power and control over people’s lives. Edward Snowden has “brought about a dramatic increase in our awareness of the risks to our privacy in the digital age- and to the many rights that depend on privacy.”  Especially with the rising internet, privacy is a very crucial issue that must not be neglected. To honor Snowden’s bravery, the public should be keen as to how the future of whistleblowers will unfold, as well as protect the whistleblowers from facing severe consequences due to their actions.

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