Shi’ite Liberation Army Claims They Will Wipe Out Israel


Israel won’t be around for much longer, claims the former leader of the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guards. The eradication of Israel in 23 years is the main objective of a new, recently created Iranian military unit, which was formed to fight Arab countries and to destroy the Jewish state as it is fighting in neighbouring Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. The Jerusalem Post reported that retired Revolutionary Guard, Mohammad Ali Al Falaki, claims that the Shi’ite Liberation Army will wipe out Israel through various military operations. In order to achieve their goal of ending the Jewish state, the military unit will be fighting from within Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. It is important to note that the Shi’ite Liberation Army is made up of not only of those of Iranian descent but, also includes locals from embattled areas.

Iran’s Mashregh news agency says the mission statement is to “eradicate Israel after 23 years, especially that these battalions are now on Israeli borders.” Israel will no longer exist, claimed Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and will be completely eliminated in the next three decades. In previous tweets directed at Israel, he writes that

“you will not see the next 25 years…God willing, there will be nothing of the Zionist regime by the next 25 years.”

Now, it is vital to understand that these comments are not the only ones of their nature, as there have been many others made in a long series of threats broadcasted against Israel, with the commander of the Basij militia calling Israel’s destruction one that was “non-negotiable.” Even Iran’s former President, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, called Israel an “alien existence” and believes that soon enough it will be “wiped off the map.” Crowds that were shouting the slogans “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” were praised by Khamenei himself, with his justification laying in the fact that Iran has “suffered damages from the west, so we should not forget what the west did to us.”

The future of Iran and, of course, Israel still remains unclear, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging the UK and the US, as well as other Western leaders to dismiss all negotiations with Iran over its nuclear weapons programs, so long as Tehran continues to call for Israel’s annihilation. Israel has also threatened to attack Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons programs.

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