Russian Strikes On Civilian Infrastructure Cause Massive Power Outages In Ukraine

On November 9th, Russian forces were ordered to withdraw from Kherson, the largest Ukrainian city that they had occupied. By November 11th, Ukraine had liberated the city. In response, Russia continued its strategy to terrorize the Ukrainian population by bombing civilian infrastructure. This most recent barrage of missiles was aimed to destroy power stations, railroad hubs, and other nonmilitary facilities. According to the Associated Press, more than 40% of Ukrainians have experienced interrupted power supplies due to Russian attacks.

Russian forces have failed to secure any major battlefield victories after nine months of fighting. Rather than seizing victory in Putin’s “three-day war,” the military has found only failure and widespread destruction in Ukrainian territory. Firing what’s left of its remaining ballistic missile reserves on civilian infrastructure is not meant to defeat Ukraine’s army, but to break the will of its citizens.

Unfortunately for Putin, this tactic is not working.

“After every rocket attack, I talk to the people, to simple civilians. They (are) not depressed,” Mayor Vitali Klitschko of Kyiv asserted in an interview with the Associated Press. “They were angry, angry and ready to stay and defend our houses, our families, and our future.” In a Reuters interview, café owner Sashko Borovsky described switching over to “cold procedures,” such as making sandwiches, during power outages. Russian missile terrorism is only intensifying Ukrainian resistance.

Ukraine’s morale might not be broken, but the country still requires support: military aid to end the fighting, and non-military aid to help with reconstruction once the war is over. Most importantly, international actors must invoke targeted sanctions against the companies supplying the Russian military industry. Many of the weapons Russia is using to maintain the war have been supplied by Western companies, such as Siemens AG. We cannot continue fueling Russia’s campaign of terror. This has to end.