Rising Protests Amongst Fashionistas For Trump’s 90 Day Visa Ban

Trump’s Ban was indeed a shock to everyone. Social media and the internet exploded with anger and grief by this new 90 days visa ban (with the possibility of being forever banned). Not just citizens, but anyone that has any type of personal connections with the seven Muslim Countries (Iran, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia) are all impacted by this outrageous announcement. Families are being separated and many affected internationals are at the risk of abandoning their studies and work.

Ever since Trump’s Ban has been circulating around the globe, Ivanka Trump’s fashion retail brand has been losing massive support. Also being called #baycott, that derives from Hudson Bay, one of the largest Canadian fashion brand carriers in Canada. It has been reported that “in the past week, six major retailers have dropped the Ivanka Trump brand under increasing pressure from consumers who have taken to social media — Twitter in particular — to boycott their stores.”  Additionally, Nordstrom has joined onto this bandwagon. The main reason for dropping Ivanka’s brand was due to poor performance”, measured by the company. However, in exactly how the dropout measurements are being carried are still questionable. There are speculations that the purchased goods have not been completely returned and are still carried on by the stores. Retailers have been advocating against Trump’s new proposed policy as it goes against their core values: diversity and acceptance.  

Fortunately with the rising influence and power of social media, people are able to protest over their frustrations over Trump’s ban through their personal accounts. Many people believe they cannot support Trump’s fashion brand as buying the products would passively support Trump’s party views. Fashion shouldn’t just be considered as fashion, a lot of the times, clothes define how we want to be perceived by our surroundings. We can select and wear styles that represent us the best, making us feel more empowered and confident with our wardrobe choice. Hence, fashion posses a lot of ethical and political influences that many people tend to underestimate.

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