Ripple Effects Of Kenya’s Presidential Election Still Being Felt In The Nation

The time that has elapsed since Kenya’s courts nullified the presidential election is almost one year now. The level of disruption the election caused affected several parts of the nation with the total number of nullifications being nothing short of astonishing. Some of the elections nullified have involved high profile figures in the nations such as Nandi Hills MP, Alfred Keter and governor Cyprian Awiti of Homa Bay.

When the high court nullified President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win over Raila Odinga, it did not take an expert to discern that the decision would affect Kenya on all levels. One such case is that of former governor Cyprian Awiti of Homa Bay. His closest rival, Oyugi Magwanga, moved to court and filed a petition seeking the nullification of the election. Upon listening to the arguments, the court nullified the election. Naturally, governor Awiti moved to court to appeal the nullification. The case dragged on for months until a few days ago when the courts rejected the appeal and upheld the previous decision of nullification. According to the two close rivals, the battle is just beginning.

All the costs that will be footed for the case aside, what does this mean for Homa Bay County? Already, the county has not had a proper governor who is fully focused on the development of the county. The same cannot be said for most of the other counties who have not had protracted legal battles over the leadership. In comparison, these other counties have had more time and resources for development. This effect is only one of the many that were predicted to happen. With the presidential nullification being the first of its kind, other effects remain to be seen.

Ferdinand Bada
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