Without Protection Over What We Have, We Will Fight Over What Is Left – Peace Day 2021

At The Organization for World Peace, we write articles to bring public attention to events and situations that encourage people to demand change while applauding the advancements that have improved our world for the better. We have recently learned that the non-profit organization ‘Peace One Day’ has a very similar perspective to The Organization for World Peace. The Peace One Day organization champions the idea that change can be positive, and as a global community we must use our abilities to begin living lives that are conscious of the powerful things we can achieve.

There is no reason that humanity cannot maintain comfortable living conditions while also moving toward sustainability. Scientists have communicated to our generation that it is imperative humanity starts committing to sustainable practices. As a result, with minor modifications to our lifestyles, these moves will ensure that future generations will be able to live in the same beautiful world we have experienced, without additional worries about the planet’s ability support their needs.

A balanced and responsible human-nature relationship is necessary for pursuing well-being and meeting mankind’s needs in a sustainable way. Our current state is far from ideal. Human exceptionalism is causing the ecological crisis in which nature is primarily considered a resource for human consumption. Taking these ideas into consideration, we ought to understand that all the materialistic things in the world cannot make a person happy or fulfill their life’s purpose. Understanding and appreciating the quality of our environment, as well as the connection that is felt when we embrace it, will help to make people understand the demanding importance of protecting our environment.

The goal of the COP26 summit is to bring together likeminded parties to action the goals that both the United Nations and Paris Agreement have established. Following COP26, a wider demographic will be informed of the importance of the endeavor to achieve specific goals. These goals include securing global net zero emissions by mid-century, keeping the 1.5°C limit within reach, protecting communities and natural habitats, and mobilizing finance and cooperation to deliver a more peaceful and sustainable world.

The effects of climate change have been proven to be devastating, yet advances to counter it have led to cleaner air, good jobs, natural habitat restoration, and economic growth. It is important to recognize that climate action and economic growth can coexist. Over the past 28 years, clean growth in the UK has reached record levels. Over the same period, they have grown their economy by 78% and reduced their emissions by 44%. COP26 will take place in the UK in just a few weeks, and the UK must seize this opportunity to build a cleaner, greener, and more resilient future, while other countries look to learn that change is achievable.

Without protection over what we have, there will be fighting over what is left. In order to promote peace, we must promote sustainability, because without sustainability, peace is threatened. As a result of the climate crisis, we are in an extremely critical phase. Unless we act, we will suffer terrible disruptions to the environment and society. In these circumstances of disruption, we will struggle to have peace. Positive impact must be created within the next 10 years to renew the planet and if we do not adhere to the rule of law, we will have nothing that is of real importance left to us in the future. Our global community should be focused on the need to engage with our leaders about this climate crisis since it is one of the strongest ways for real change to take place.

Together, we are needed to inform each other about what is happening to our world, and change our ways to accommodate to the planet’s needs. To implement the necessary changes, we must work together. Peace One Day presents a Peace Day broadcast on September 21 in order to raise awareness for Peace Day and all it encompasses when it comes to creating a more peaceful world. For each individual that is engaging in this event, we are working towards fighting great issues that our world faces, such as climate change, and showing our commitment to wanting the ultimate goal of peace on this earth, and all else that contributes to it.

Live action and speakers from around the world will be featured on Peace One Day’s live broadcast on the 21st of September called ‘Peace Day Live’. The UN International Day of Peace marks an annual day of ceasefire and non-violence. The three main themes of Peace Day Live 2021 are the protection of people, the planet and wildlife. Peace One Day’s signature event aims to raise global awareness of it.

Sign up and join the global community in observing the September 21 World Peace Day broadcast by clicking the link below.


It is time to act now.


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