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Essential Workers Unite In May Day Protests Demanding Coronavirus Protection

Front line workers in the United States deemed essential for their jobs in grocery stores, retailing, warehouses and manufacturing have been striking, organizing protests, calling out sick, and walking off the job in response to unsafe working conditions and inadequate protections since the Coronavirus breakout. These series of protests culminated […]

Brazilian Indigenous Communities Under Threat Of Extinction Due To COVID-19

On April 9, a 15-year-old boy from the Yanomami tribe in the Brazilian Amazon died of COVID-19. The Yanomami are the largest relatively isolated tribe in South America and have a population of around 38,000. Their territories in the Brazilian Amazon and the Alto Orinoco–Casiquiare Biosphere Reserve in Venezuela form […]

Immunization Rates Fall Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The final week of April saw the passing of World Immunization Week. Organizations, notably the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), used this as an opportunity to shed light on the importance of vaccination amid the global pandemic. Last year, over 13 million children went unvaccinated. There are fears that immunization […]

Report: The Ravaging Effects Of Indoor Air Pollution

Introduction In the past few months, citizens across the globe have been forced into isolation as a social-distancing measure to combat the spread of COVID-19. The OWP sends out its condolences to those who have lost friends and family members. However, as we begin to spend even more time inside […]

Trump’s “All or Nothing” Diplomacy Relies On A Morbid Hope

Is Iran’s Virus Fight being Hampered by Sanctions? Iran is asking for the international community to hold the U.S. accountable for what it calls, “cruel and unilateral” sanctions that prevent them from managing the coronavirus outbreak and violate the 2015 nuclear deal. In recent weeks, those sentiments have been echoed […]

British Arms In Yemen: Lack Of Accountability Leads To The Deaths Of Children

A month ago, a grim milestone was reached, 5 years of conflict in Yemen, fueled by a Saudi Arabian-led coalition. The war has devastated Yemen, which “has topped an annual watchlist of countries most likely to face humanitarian catastrophe in 2020, for the second year running…about 80% of the population…will […]

COVID-19 And The Crisis Of Education

As COVID-19 deaths worldwide pass the 200,000 mark, the global community is rightly focused on channeling its resources and efforts into strengthening healthcare systems and developing medical treatments. A pandemic of this scale and severity, however, brings numerous critical consequences beyond immediate medical needs, thereby warranting unparalleled global attention.  One […]

“GERMs Of Instability:” Tensions over Nile Valley an Imminent Threat to Regional Security

Update On April 1st, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERM) was nearly complete, and would begin filling its newly created reservoir over this summer’s rainy season. Sudanese officials have urged Addis Ababa to reconsider this premature adjustment to the Nile’s flow, with Sudanese […]

Big Data And The Fight Against Coronavirus

At the end of March, the U.K. government published an article on its healthcare technology blog titled ‘The power of data in a pandemic’. The post outlined plans to aggregate data from across the National Health Service (NHS). This included 111 online/call centre data from NHS Digital and COVID-19 test […]

Trump’s Plans For The Middle East

In February, U.S. President Donald Trump announced his Middle East plan that had been in negotiations for a long time. This was, however, done without the input and approval of the Palestinians, who in 2018 ended their relationship with the Trump Administration after the recognition of Jerusalem as the “undivided […]