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Neo-Nazis In German Military Show The Need For Structural Changes In Elite Units

A report published in the New York Times on Friday delved into the infiltration of far-right extremists within the German military. It comes after police uncovered Nazi memorabilia and stolen weapons buried in the garden of a sergeant major nicknamed Little Sheep. Little Sheep was a member of the most […]

North Korea Withdraws From Added Military Pressure On The South

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, better known as North Korea, has decided to suspend its plans to increase military pressure on its southern neighbor, the Republic of Korea, as ties between the two countries have deteriorated since early June.  The decision comes after a meeting between Supreme Leader Kim […]

India’s Neighbourly Rows

Twenty Indian Army soldiers were killed recently in clashes with the Chinese Military. The confrontation took place in the Ladakh region, a mountainous area that straddles the border between India and Tibet. The skirmish reportedly broke out because of construction along the contested border. The Chinese side also suffered an […]

A Mental Health Crisis Following The Covid-19 Pandemic

A historical wave of mental health problems, such as depression, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicide has accompanied the Covid-19 pandemic.  Whilst many countries have spent billions in schemes to protect their economy and workplace, even the most developed of countries, however, have vastly underfunded mental health systems.

Authoritarianism Never Produces Peace

World news has been remarkably negative over this past year. Whether it is continents burning, questionable political maneuverings occurring, the whispers of war threatening and taking lives, viruses disrupting the turning of the world, national economies becoming less stable, or racial injustices reaching boiling point, it is easy to overlook […]

COVID-19, Violence Against Women, And Femicide In Latin America

Restrictions on staying at home, as well as other measures that limit the free transit of people, have caused an increase in gender-based violence in Latin America. For millions of women around the globe, the measures that force them to stay at home to protect them against COVID-19 are otherwise […]

Protests Turn Violent In Britain: What Needs To Be Done Differently?

This past week, London experienced a clash of forces as Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists and far-right groups took to the streets to defend their beliefs. The turmoil came a week after BLM supporters in Bristol, England targeted statues honoring those who upheld racist ideals, including that of Edward Colton, […]

No Peace Without Women – Ending The Cycle Of Conflict In Afghanistan

On 24 June, the head of Kabul’s negotiation team, Abdullah Abdullah expressed concern over an increase in violence by the Taliban, stating that it presents a challenge in starting peace talks with the group. This development follows a week during which hundreds of security force personnel have been killed in […]

The Environmental Impact Of War And Conflict: Uganda’s Experience

The relationship between war and conflict, and their environmental threat is long established. In times of war, environmental regulations are often de-prioritized in exchange of the immediate short-term interests of civilians. This results in the unsustainable use of natural resources, harming non-human and long-term human interests alike. Uganda is a […]