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Italy And The World Locks Down Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic

On March 9th, Italy set precedent as the first European country to enter lockdown in the hope of forestalling coronavirus, which induces the highly contagious COVID-19. As of that date, sixteen million people were affected by movement and transportation restrictions, leaving a quarter of the population frozen. The lockdown is […]

Unwanted Effects Of The COVID-19 On Violence Against Women

As stated by the World Health Organization, the current global pandemic of COVID-19, has affected the lives of all people regardless of borders. The Coronavirus constitutes a life-threatening illness that has already caused thousands of deaths and has left many people vulnerable, especially in conflict-affected areas. The pandemic has created […]

A Chance To Re-imagine Our Place In The Natural World: An Opportunity Presented By COVID-19

Times of crisis offer a space for individual reflection. They can promote new forms of self-awareness and on larger scales can even change societal values and priorities. COVID-19 seems likely to be a crisis that not only requires dramatic shifts in the way we live in the short term, it […]

The Resurgence Of Eugenics Into Mainstream Politics

In February 2020, 10 Downing Street became embroiled in scandal as shocking comments made by ministerial aid, Andrew Sabinsky, resurfaced. Sabinsky had previously espoused ‘very real racial differences in intelligence,’ and promoted enforced sterilisation ‘to get around the problems of unplanned pregnancies creating a permanent underclass.’ While Andrew Sabinsky resigned […]

U.S. Sanctions Push Iran To The Brink Of Humanitarian Disaster Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently announced new sanctions against Iran following an attack in Taji, Iraq, that resulted in the deaths of two American service members. The sanctions are intended to target several individuals who are vital to the petrochemical industry in Iran but were met with widespread condemnation […]

European Countries Continue To Respond To COVID-19 Pandemic, Leading To Border Closures And EU Difficulties

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow, causing heightened panic around the globe, many nations have elected to close their borders to curb its effects reduce the number of novel cases, especially those brought by people entering the country who may be sick. As of this week, leaders of European […]

The Anglophone Crisis Demands A Real Dialogue In Cameroon

The Anglophone Crisis has ravaged an area of Cameroon that is home to more than 3.5 million people – approximately a seventh of the country’s population – and yet it remains one of the world’s forgotten conflicts. General strikes and protests beginning in 2016 gave way to a formal declaration […]