Nowhere Is Safe In A World Without “Order”

Almost every week around the world, reports stream in from news channels about attacks, deaths and injuries. In July, there were at least 15 bomb attacks in Europe alone involving people using weapons against unarmed civilians in public places. The most shocking attack was the one in Nice on July 14 which is France’s National Day. France, Germany, Turkey and Ukraine have suffered these kind of horrific attacks. The United States  has recorded about 4 attacks coming from disgruntled individuals and  armies linked to Islamic State (IS).

The latest attack occurred in France where an 84 year old Priest of the Roman Catholic Church, Rev Jacques Hamel was murdered. This prompted Pope Francis to make a speech about the recent attack. According to the Holy Father, the world is at war but it is not a “war of religions”. Other world personalities have been reacting to the attacks. When the July 14 attack occurred, the French president Francois Hollande said that while the  the country has been attacked by fanatics, it remains stronger than them. The Canadian president Justin Trudeau tweeted that “Canadians are shocked by tonight’s attack……Our sympathy is with the victims and our solidarity with the French people”. Reactions also came from China, Russia, the United States and even the two front-line candidates in the November Presidential election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Despite the condemnation,  more attacks are occurring which is making the world an unsafe harbor for mankind. Security has been stepped up everywhere in the world with about 39,000 security officers being brought in just to secure the Pope’s visit to Poland. In all of these countries, vigilance has been the watch word and a place like France has been under a state of emergency since November 13, 2015. On this date a terrorist attack took place where gunmen stormed the Stade de France, a concert hall, restaurants and other amusement parks leaving about 130 dead and hundreds wounded. Despite the state of emergency, France has not been safe from attacks. In a country like the United States with the best security apparatus in the world, attacks continue to occur. This genre of attacks used to only occur in the Middle East and Africa, but nowadays even the most safe countries have become unsafe. Most of the perpetrators have links to the Muslim world which does not mean that this violence is sourced from the Muslim world. But there is a problem somewhere which has not yet been detected. While in European countries, governments are working to ensure security, in other countries people are dying due to lack of law and order. This demonstrates that little collective work has been done to make the world a lawful place. It seems that anyone with a gun or knife can now sail through with an ideology.

Most of the violence  in the world today is a consequence of the war against terror launched in 2001 by George W. Bush. Since the start violence was used rather than an attempt to rectify underlying social problems. In the early days of the war against terror, power politics prevailed above diplomacy. Since the war, violence has spread globally with innocent people  falling victim to the violence of police and government forces. As a consequence, the world needs a ‘new world’ order which must be strong enough not be bypassed without any fear of retribution. The world needs an institution for the people, in other words, a “United Nations of the People” where everybody and every nation is responsible for its sovereignty.

Moreover, the fact that most extremists come from the Muslim world is an indication that the Muslim world has felt cheated for many years. The frustrated people have carried this frustration to the land of those they believe are responsible for their suffering. The war in Syria was not started by Syrians, but by world powers’ interests in the country. It is the Syrian people who are paying the price for it. The  new world institution should manage conflicts in a world order that is voted in unanimously and not only by a handful of countries with their own personal interests.

The Muslim world is looking for an identity that it has lost with the protracted struggle in Palestine. Every Muslim leader, moderate or radical believes in the liberation of Palestine. Israel ought to make some sacrifices so that Muslims can gain back a lost identity through an independent Palestine housing the third holiest site in Islam.
Most of the conflicts the world is facing today is sourced from the perennial dispute between Palestine and Israel and  therefore if this conflict were settled, the world would be a better place. Security does not guarantee peace, but peace guarantees security. Countries have spent a lot in sponsoring research in military hardware to the detriment of others. While security apparatus is created  every day, the world is not safe.  Research on the peaceful settlement of disputes should be prioritized and nations should make peace with other nations. We live in the same world, when East is in peace, the West will also be in peace. When Palestine will be in peace, Israel will also live in peace.  But the construction of the highest fence in total defiance of the current world system leaves Israeli’s having to sleep with one eye open. The sociologist Johan Galtung has long said that, if you want peace, make peace. It is the most powerful countries which should lead the way in the world peace process.