Quebec Shooting: What Happened?

On Sunday, 6 people were shot dead by a gunman at a mosque in Quebec, Canada. 17 others were injured in the shooting at Quebec’s Islamic Culture Centre.

Over 50 people were praying in the mosque during the evening when the attack occurred highlighting the intended nature of the attack. It is also believed that the gunman yelled ‘Alluhu Akbar’ (God is Great) at the time of the incident.

Two people have been arrested since Sunday’s events, one of which is Alexander Bisonnette, a French-Canadian student with no prior criminal history. The exact motive and reasoning is under question, however islamaphobia is the most likely reason for this targeted attack.

Mr. Bisonnette will face six counts of first degree murder and 5 counts of attempted murder. At the hearing, he refused to appeal.

Canadian authorities are confident that the threat is ‘under control’, especially seeing as there are no other suspects.

This development comes after a supposed islamophobic attack on the same centre in June last year where a pigs head was left in front of the mosque.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau labelled the attack as ‘an act of terror’, stating that the victims ‘were robbed of their lives in an act of brutal violence’. The Prime Minister also offered his sympathies in the House of Commons, so too on social media, making it known to the victims’ families of his support for them, for freedom of religion and a greater sense of multiculturalism in Canada and around the world.

His media team have also taken action against a tweet on Fox News, which claimed that the suspect was of Moroccan origin. According to the Prime Minister’s office, the tweet ‘spreads misinformation’ and doesn’t reveal the true identity of the suspect.

Whilst the exact motive and reasoning for the attack remains ambiguous, it is encouraging to know that a strong stance against islamophobia has been made and should continue to promoted in Canada and throughout the wider society.