President Trump’s Executive Order Cuts $60 Billion In Funding From The UN

An executive order recently signed by President Donald Trump will significantly impact U.S. funding to international organizations, in particular, the United Nations, and their peacekeeping operations.

The United States contributes the most in the world to the United Nations accounting for nearly 29% of total funding. With the new executive order, “Auditing and Reducing U.S. Funding of International Organizations,” drastic changes will be made to the amount of funding the United States provides to the United Nations.

In section three, the executive order states that it is recommended that “at least [a] 40 percent overall decrease in the amount of annual funding of voluntary contributions.” Later the order states that there will be a detailed examination of operations, such as international peacekeeping operations, and the funding that the United States contributes to said operations.

While some information may seem vague, with various definitions dependent on the perspective, there were portions that were concrete in their claims. In section four of the executive order there are statements ordering the cease of U.S. funding that directly or indirectly supports any United Nations or affiliate that grants full membership to Palestine Authority or the Palestine Liberation Organization, any group that supports or is influenced by any state sponsors of terrorism, any group that circumvents sanction to Democratic People’s of North Korea or the Islamic Republic of Iran, and preformation of sterilization or abortion as a method of family planning.

Trump’s administration has taken the chance to review said executive order upon the response from various organizations’ reactions to the executive order.

If installed, what does this mean for peacekeeping operations performed by the United Nations?

With a reduction of 40 percent, there will be a loss of over 60 billion dollars to the funding of the United Nations. The reduction will remove funding from the United Nations seventeen different global peacekeeping operations. Reducing aid to operations such as MINUSTAH, an operation working in Haiti to restore the secure and stable political environment and aid with recent hurricane Matthew, or removing UNMISS, an operation in South Sudan that is protecting civilians and monitoring human rights.

By implementing this executive order there will be significant effects in peacekeeping operation of the United Nations. Reducing the funding of the top contributor by 40 percent will have detrimental effects on the people who look for aid from the United Nations.

While the executive order does state that the U.S. shall not provide funding for any party associated with acts of terrorism or those in violation of human rights, it is significantly reducing the funding for those operations that combat human rights violations and aid in stopping the spread of terrorism by establishing secure and stable governments and providing aid to those who have fallen victim to said crimes.

Amongst various other factors affecting global political relations, the executive order has material that can be said to be contradictory and risks numerous peacekeeping operations throughout the world. This executive order puts the people of the world in danger by forgetting means necessary in order to keep peace in humanity.