Peace Day 2021: The Day Where There Will Be No More War

Day 21 of September marks the date when the United Nation’s (UN) General Assembly declares to the world that there shall be 24 hours of non-violence throughout all nations. This initiative began through the conscientious efforts of Jeremy Gilley and his non-profit Organisation called ‘Peace One Day’. Since the UN’s adoption of this Peace Day in 2001, the movement has inspired groups around the globe, such as the Taliban, to cease-fire and acknowledge this day of opportunity. The opportunity that this day brings is for people to help other people who are amid conflict-ridden areas, by providing vaccinations and other medical procedures without the additional concern of being interrupted by violence. Peace One Day has raised importance towards the idea that peace is a prerequisite for all other progress.

‘Any moment that we can give the competence to pause to think and reflect on what they are doing to their own people and to the environment will be a great achievement and I will support it, one hundred percent.’ This statement was given by Kofi Annan, who is the Secretary-General of the UN, at an interview conducted in 2001. Annan discusses why this Peace Day is such a momentous drive which implements a much-needed reflection time for the actors who are initiating these conflicts. This day allows the major actors of any events of conflict to cease-fire, and to pause and assess their actions and give time to absorb what life would allow humanity to achieve without the interruption of conflict.

What Peace One Day started back in 1999, has now grown to become a globally recognised movement. This organisation has demonstrated that a global communication of yearning for world peace, is achievable. Peace One Day works to encourage organisations and individuals to reduce violence in all areas of life such as our homes, workplaces, schools, communities and our environment. This can only be done by cooperation of humanity and people around the world. Peace One Day has proven that the dedication of one person, can lead to inspire and implement change globally and create a positive impact. This story should inspire individuals to strive to exhibit peace within their lives in all the environments listed by Peace One Day, in order to contribute to a world that exhibits peace over anything else.

What Peace Day 21 September in the year 2021 is leading to communicate according to the UN, is to ‘…think creatively and collectively about how to help everyone recover better, how to build resilience, and how to transform our world into one that is more equal, more just, equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and healthier.’ We can understand that the Covid19 pandemic has created an additional challenge to the world in regard to the health of people within conflict ridden countries, however this should only urge the world to wanting to contribute a greater effort this year than any others because of this.

Peace One Day has reached spectacular milestones in previous years on Peace Day 21 September, such as in 2007, the organisation’s collaboration with many agencies such as UNAMA, UNICEF, WHO allowed 4.5 million children in Afghanistan to be vaccinated against polio as a result of the successful peace agreements. In 2016, the message in which Peace One day proclaims, had reached an estimate of 2.2 billion people resulting in 16 million people behaving more peacefully on September 21.

At the Organisation of World Peace, we write articles to raise awareness of events and situations that require the people to demand change in areas that need it and applaud the change which has changed our world for the better. What Peace One Day has demonstrated is that positive change is possible, and it is up to us as a global community, to start living our lives in a way that is conscious of the power that we are capable of to make change happen.

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