Haitian Military Reinstated After Long Absence

Wednesday brought news of potentially great consequence from Haiti, the Caribbean island nation hit hard by a 2010 earthquake as the impoverished nation has officially restored its military forces following a more than twenty year absence. The Haitian military was disbanded in 1995 following decades of its interference in politics […]

Power Dynamics In Upcoming Taiwanese Elections 1

For the first time in twenty years, China displayed military presence in the Taiwan Strait, flying two J-11 fighter jets across the median line of the strait on 31st March. Citing this incident, The Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) expressed concerns of growing tension between the United States, […]

Despite Eid, Kashmir Lockdown Continues

Kashmir continued to face strict ockdowns this Monday, marking eight days since India abruptly rescinded the region’s semiautonomous status. Monday also marked the arrival of Eid al-Adha, a major holiday in the Muslim calendar. But with major mosques like the Jamia Masjid closed, no means to contact family, and dwindling […]

Al-Shabab Attack On Somali Military Base

Al-Shabab continues its reign of terror through a move for power. The extremist group recently launched an attack on a Somali military base in Awdheegle, an area slightly Southwest of Mogadishu in the Lower Shabelle region. Al-Shabab used gunfire and a series of car bombs to carry out the attack, […]

The World Must Keep An Even Closer Eye On Hong Kong

Events in Hong Kong are at a tipping point. As recently as 12 August, Chinese People’s Armed Police Force vessels were spotted in the border city of Shenzhen. International attention on the protests in Hong Kong has been widespread over the past ten weeks; however, this new development suggests that […]

Matteo Salvini’s Election Hopes Are Met With Opposition 1

Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, leader of the far-right Italian party Lega Nord, has called for a no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Salvini’s hope is to force a collapse of the current government and trigger early elections. U.S. News reports that party leaders met on Monday, August 12th […]

The Migrant Tour Guides Educating Italians

The Italian population today is bombarded with headlines that making them perceive migration as an alien invasion. This has stirred up feelings of hatred and fear among native Italians. However, the younger generation has begun to break the cycle by participating in tours to Italian cities where they can witness […]

Trump Administration Imposes Additional Immigration Restrictions

Monday morning brought further ominous development in the continuing efforts by the Trump Administration to stem the flow of immigration to the United States from predominantly poorer nations. Politico reported on 12th August that President Trump issued a new final rule that would allow federal officials to deny green cards […]