One Of The Longest Strikes In French History Reaches An Impasse

Across France, over 452,000 workers have continued to peacefully strike against the Macron administration’s attempted pension overhaul which threatens to convert France’s 42 distinct pension regimes into a universal points-based system. These proposed changes would see the implementation of incentives for workers who retire two years after the legal age […]

Trump’s Iranian Interference Threatens Middle Eastern Stability

On the 3rd of January 2020, the US carried out a drone strike in Baghdad, Iraq. The strike was ordered by President Donald Trump and killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, dubbed by the media as Iran’s second in command. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khomeini has since promised ‘harsh retaliation’, […]

Most Recent Nobel Peace Prize Winner And What He Did 1

The most recent winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 was the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. He assumed office in April 2018 after months of anti-government protests that forced the previous Prime Minister to step down. Since being elected, he has introduced a lot of liberalizing reforms in […]

Tensions Escalate Between Indonesia And China After Dispute In Maritime Sovereignty; Indonesia Mobilizes Fishermen

In an unforeseen escalation of tension between Indonesia and China regarding fishing rights off the South Asia coast, Indonesia is set to mobilize fishermen to join warships in the South China Sea to defend the waters from Chinese vessels, the Independent reports. The discrepancy stems from the disillusioned and ambiguous […]

Tens Of thousands Mourn As Soleimani’s Remains Return To Iran

On Sunday, tens of thousands of mourners clad in black filled the streets of Mashhad and Ahvaz to pay their respects to Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s powerful Quds Force commander who was assassinated by a U.S. airstrike in Iraq. Soleimani’s remains were flown to the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz two […]

Modi’s BJP Pursues Divisive Citizenship Bill

India’s ruling BJP Party (Bharatiya Janata Party), led by Narendra Modi, has successfully pushed contentious immigration reform through the Indian Congress. The reformed Citizenship Act grants citizenship to persecuted minorities from the neighbouring countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh – implicitly excluding Muslims. Prime Minister Ram Kovind, who in 2010 […]

“The Goalposts Are Moving”: Recognizing Education’s Importance Today 1

Tackling inequality within education and achieving universal primary education for both boys and girls is pushed heavily by all levels of society, yet never seems to be put into action nor come to full realization. The richest, most urbanised strata of the population continue to reap its benefits. It’s undisputed […]

Mobilizing Legitimacy In Response To General Haftar’s Take Over Of Libyan City Of Sirte

Forces opposing the current UN-backed Libyan government are reported to have taken over the city of Sirte, during what their leader, General Haftar, has described as a “victorious march” towards the Libyan capital of Tripoli.  Sirte was previously held by the Government of National Accord (GNA), the UN-backed Libyan government […]

Waning U.S. Power: The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

With the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline expected later this year, the United States has decided to impose sanctions against the commercial European and Russian companies which are currently involved in its construction. Nord Stream 2 is an underwater pipeline currently being constructed in the Baltic Sea, which […]