OWP Africa: Quarterly Report January-March 2018 1

Illusion of Democratic Peace in Sub-Saharan Africa - OWP Africa Quarterly Report (Jan-Mar 2018)
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One thought on “OWP Africa: Quarterly Report January-March 2018

  • mark mulligan

    To: Matthew Savoy,

    God, you OWP people are hard to reach!

    “Your isolation is not so much the direct result of enemy action as of the fact that when you travel this road your experiences are shared by fewer and fewer people, until at last there’s no one to whom you can make yourself understood.” Sarah Patton Boyle, “Spit in the Devil’s Eye: A Southern Heretic Speaks,” from the October 20, 1956 issue of The Nation magazine © 1956. The Nation Company, LP. Reprinted with permission. Also found in The Nation 1865-1990, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Ed., p. 214.

    This passage is from




    I beg you, broadcast it!

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