A clipart image of a white man pushing a boulder, labelled with a dollar sign, up a stiff slope. The man and boulder face to the left, implying that the boulder will roll back down the slope and crush him.

Biden Extends Student Loan Relief For The Third Time

Despite having stated that the second period of loan payment relief, which was meant to end next February, would be the last for American university students, President Joe Biden recently announced that he will pause student loan repayments for a third time. This third relief period will last for a

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Tears After The Rain: The Legacy Of The Gukurahundi Genocide In Zimbabwe

In 1983, Robert Mugabe, then Prime Minister and leader of ZANU-PF (Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front), launched the final phase of his plan to turn Zimbabwe into a one-party state. He sent the North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade (called “Gukurahundi” in Shona) into Matabeleland to exterminate “dissidents.” What arguably

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Violence In Chile Stemming From Indigenous Land Rights Has Increased In Recent Years, No Attempt For Negotiations

Members of the Mapuche Lavkenche Resistance group burned around 30 properties in southern Chile following a decades-long conflict between the government and Mapuche communities. The attack followed deliberations in Chile’s government to extend the state of emergency implemented due to increased reports of violence between Mapuche groups and the Chilean

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A wall of Benin bronzes displayed at the British Museum. These bronze plates depict various figures and are hung on poles in a neat array.

Benin Bronzes To Be Repatriated: Will This Repair Relations?

After over a century, multiple cities have announced plans to repatriate bronze artifacts to Benin. These Benin bronzes, which currently reside in museums in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and many other countries, were historically used to honor Beninese ancestors and are representative of a rich culture and shared

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A black and white photograph of a woman in a headscarf, taken from over her shoulder as she looks out a window.

Rethinking Bill 21: The Islamophobia Behind Quebec’s Secularism Law

Fatemah Anvari, a grade 3 schoolteacher in Chelsea, Quebec, was recently removed from her position at Chelsea Elementary School because she wears hijab. The decision to remove Anvari came as a result of Quebec’s secularism law, Bill 21, which passed in 2019. Bill 21 formally bans state employees from wearing

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Israel Struck Syrian Chemical Weapons Facilities Over Two Years

In the past two years, Israel has struck chemical facilities in Syria twice to prevent the Syrian renewal of chemical weapon production, as the Washington Post reported last Monday. The report cited unidentified current and former U.S. intelligence officials, which was then confirmed by Reuters staff familiar with the operation.

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How Foreign Aid Is Hurting Haiti, And How It Can Help

This week, a fuel truck explosion in the Haitian city of Cap-Haitien killed at least 75 people, another tragedy in a long, terrible year for the Caribbean island nation. In July, amid a brewing constitutional crisis, Haitian President Jovenel Moise was assassinated in his home in an incident that remains

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Civil War In Ethiopia And The Aid Crisis

November 3rd marked one year of Civil War in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government, supported by neighbouring Eritrea, has been fighting to quash the ethnic nationalist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) since November 2020. The TPLF were in charge of Ethiopia for almost 30 years, from the overthrow of the previous

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India Strikes Arms And Trade Deals With Russia, Risking U.S. Sanctions

On Monday, December 6th, Russia and India signed over two dozen deals across a variety of areas, including trade, technology, and energy. A total of 28 agreements were signed during the 21st India-Russia annual summit, where Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed the nature of

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Skanda’s Wrath: The Militarization Of Indian Society

Militarization and excessive nationalism are seeping into every layer of Indian society. Retired Air Marshals publish books lauding India’s soldiers while minimizing or ignoring their worst crimes. Sociologists like Sanjay Srivastava lament that jingoistic marketing campaigns for food and consumer goods, especially after India’s incursions into Pakistani-occupied Kashmir in 2016,

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