Nigerian Militants Threaten To Cripple Down The Country’s Economy If Buhari Gets Re-elected

Will President Buhari get re-elected again, even after the Nigerians militants made threats to crush down the economy if he goes back in power? The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) made a statement on Thursday, saying that they will bring down Africa’s biggest economy down if Buhari is re-elected again. The militants believe that Buhari is not distributing resource equally to the oil-rich states. According to their statement, the NDA wants Atiku Abubakar, the Former Vice President of Nigeria, to take over power to enable changes in the Niger Delta. Atiku has made promises, saying that he will bring changes by ensuring that the states benefit from their crude oil. Atiku political ideology is matching the militant’s needs or grief for fair and equitable principles of federalism.

If this conflict is not resolved quickly, it might lead to an economic recession in Nigeria. This will also affect the oil prices by bringing it down. The NDA believes that if Atiku takes over power he will be able to restructure the country within a span of six months, and this will help in preventing further disputes in Niger Delta. By doing this, it will help in saving slow economic development.

To prevent this conflict from arising various measures should be taken into consideration such as; equitable distribution of resources. By ensuring people from the Niger Delta are benefiting from the crude oil equally, will help in preventing disputes from arising. Buhari as the president should take all the measures to prevent corruption. Through corruptions only prominent people are able to benefit from the resources, thus the marginalized communities tend to be ignored thus raising tension.

Buhari and Atiku should come together and work on an agreement, so as to prevent any further disputes that may arise as a result of their disagreement. For example, discussing viable solutions that can be enacted in their country in order to ensure that civilians in the crude oil areas are able to benefit from the resources. Steps need to be taken to enable a free, fair and transparent election, where each citizen is given a right to vote for the president they believe will be able to meet their requirements.

Every citizen in Nigeria has a right to benefit from their available resources, and the government should ensure equal distribution free of corruption.


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