Neo-Nazism In Greece

The rise of Neo-Nazism in this day and age has become overwhelming. The most recent report comes from Greece. Athens has recently suffered from violent incidences regarding anti-immigration – the latest being a neo-Nazi organization, which has threatened the Muslim Association of Greece and pro-migrant organisations.

A call, from a blocked number, was placed to the organization from a member of the far-right group known as Crypteia. This name is derived from an ancient Greek group who were known for attacking slaves. According to a member of the Muslim association, the caller said, “We are the group that kills, burns, hits and tortures immigrants, mainly Muslims.”

This is not the only troubling incident by this organisation. Last year, the group attacked the home of an afghan refugee, targeting an 11-year old Child. This phone call consisted of the attacker boasting about this occurrence. The attackers reportedly attacked the boy’s home after his story of being forbidden to carry a Greek flag during his school’s parade was publicized.

Al Jazeera reported that Anna Stamou, of the Muslim Association of Greece, reported the phone call to officials, and discovered that other organizations had received the same threat. These groups, who requested to remain anonymous, confirmed this. They further described that Tina Stavrinaki, a legal officer at the Racist Violence Recording Network, said it was evident that “Muslims are the target”.

Within Athens, there are approximately 20 000 Muslims. The Muslim association of Greece is a civil society group that dedicates its time to advocate for Muslims, Greek converts, refugees, migrants and others.

With these incidences, one begins to wonder how this hatred and persecution is still existent. This is not an isolated incident. With American refugee and travel bans still in play, the Charlottesville attack from white supremacists and the rise of Neo-Nazism once again illustrates the intense rise of hate that dominates world news. In the present day, with all the history that has happened, for example the Holocaust, one can begin to wonder how this is so.

The above are not the instances of Neo-Nazism or persecution in this country. In Greece in 2016, it was reported that 48 hate crimes occurred in Greece that were centered on race, skin colour or national background.

The Greek political party known as the Golden Dawn is notorious for its neo-fascist and neo-Nazi stances. It has a history of attacks on immigrants and political opposites, however has recently scaled back its violence. They have recently been put on trial which consists of 69 of its members being charged with running a criminal organisation and homicide. Many have linked those that have been threatened by Crypteia as witnesses in the Golden Dawn trial.

Overall, the OWP hopes no harm comes to those involved, and that Greece becomes a country where migrants and those who come from different backgrounds are accepted and are able to prosper and live without fear of persecution.