Moderna Vaccine Causes Allergic Reaction

On Christmas Eve, a geriatric oncologist in Boston claims to have suffered an allergic reaction upon receiving the Moderna vaccine for COVID-19. This was the first week of the administration of the vaccine for coronavirus within the U.S. 

Dr. Hossein Sadrzadeh immediately started to display symptoms of an allergy including dizziness and decreased blood pressure. He also stated that he experienced itchiness and numbness in his throat. This occurred about six minutes after the injection was administered. The doctor expressed that these symptoms were similar to when he was exposed to other allergens such as shellfish. 

Luckily, the doctor brought his EpiPen, which is an injection that is used to treat allergic reactions. Following this he was taken to the emergency room at the hospital. He claims that this allergy was the “worst” that he had to endure in his adult life. The doctor wanted to emphasize this to ensure that people understand the precautions that they must take when receiving the vaccine. This includes discussing issues or concerns about the vaccine  to their doctor and allergist. They should inform them of any allergies that they have. It is also important for them to bring their EpiPen to their appointments and be aware of any symptoms that may indicate an allergy to the vaccine. 

Dr. Sadrzadeh’s experience was the first publicly reported allergic reaction to Moderna’s vaccine. There have also been six cases of individuals experiencing anaphylaxis after getting the Pfizer vaccine. These cases are currently undergoing investigation by Federal companies. It is also important to note that both of these vaccines contain similar ingredients.The Food and Drug Administration and Center for Disease Control and Prevention were unable to conclude whether an ingredient caused the allergic reactions. 

However, most vaccines can produce side effects. This is significant because it could explain why these responses to vaccines are occurring. Furthemore, over 168,000 injections of Moderna’s vaccine have been approved in Canada and will begin administration next week. Health Canada has informed individuals that are allergic to ingredients in Pfizer and Moderna to not receive injections. They have also suggested for individuals to seek medical attention as soon as they begin to experience symptoms. These reactions can start within minutes or upto three hours upon administering the vaccine. If these indicators are ignored, there can be severe physical consequences to the patient. Therefore, it is important for patients to remain vigilant before, during and after they are vaccinated.