Love A Muslim Day

Punish a Muslim Day

A few weeks ago, some in the UK received letters and pamphlets that encouraged committing acts of malice against Muslims, ‘punishing’ them in return for points. The idea was akin to playing a video game. Punishments included things like throwing acid on the face of Muslims and even blowing up Mecca with a nuclear weapon. Thankfully, the designated day, April 3, 2018, passed without any major incident in the UK and other parts of the world. The peaceful passing of the hateful day could in part be because of a countering idea that gave points to people who did good things to Muslims. In the counter idea, called Love a Muslim Day, people are still awarded points but for being nice to Muslims. As noble as the idea was, could it have not have been enough?

The underlying issue

While the day was without incident, could it be that the perpetrators of that vile act were aiming towards something else? Understand that the fear of Muslims in the world is at an all-time high. The portrayal of Muslim brethren in Hollywood films is also not helping spread a good word about our Muslim brothers and sisters. By spreading such pamphlets, the vile fellow(s) could have been playing an even more subtle game, that of a psychological nature. This war was not just against the Muslims in the UK. The whole world saw the news and the damage was done. The fear of Muslims spread even further, increasing tensions even more. All this toxic rhetoric against Muslims that helps to spread Islamophobia has to be dealt with by the authorities.


Since we have established that Islamophobia is something that we have had for a long time, and that now it is at an all-time high, something action needs to be taken. The easiest solution is in understanding how it spread: through communication. These anti-Muslims take advantage of easy communication methods in the world to spread their vile ideas. Therefore, the government of the UK, and all governments in the world, need to establish means for serious dialogue that will seek to tackle the elephant in the room honestly and head-on. The world governments need to step up and lead by example as well. Politicians cannot be advocating for violence against our Muslim brothers and sisters. While “Love a Muslim Day” was a noble gesture, it should come as no surprise that no one is interested in feeling loved. Everyone, Muslims includes, would rather be safe and peaceful than feel loved.

Ferdinand Bada
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