Israeli Raids Of Gaza

The violence between Israel and the Palestinian people, partly in Gaza, where the conflict that is seemingly endless, has lulled the past month. However, there has been a recent attack against Israel, with over 200 rockets fired by the Jihad, as well as shots fired across the border.

Israel has responded with air raids on the Gaza strip, a self-governing Palestinian territory. Around 20 Palestinians and two Israelis have been killed or injured. After this retaliation came threats from all groups involved to escalate the levels of violence if necessary. As we draw closer to Ramadan, city centres and shopping areas are bustling. These areas have been targets for Israeli attacks, which result in the deaths of many innocent people, including children.

These most recent attacks have horrified the public, as an infant was killed after shrapnel entered its house, and the child’s mother died hours later from her wounds. These civilians are unable to live safely in the sanctity of their own home, and the United Nations has immediately called for a de-escalation of the violence. Egypt has also been heavily involved in trying to communicate between the two to find a compromise to cease this bout of violence. Gaza and Israel have continued to retaliate to each act of violence by increasing the scale. Initial shootings quickly moved onto rockets and warplanes, which have become the norm in this new battle between the two territories.

Poverty is prominent in this area, with 52% of the population unemployed. This is, in part, caused by the ongoing conflicts with Israel, who have put blockades around the area, limiting Gaza’s ability to run its economy. Israel has argued that these blockades were necessary to limit the movement of weapons across the border. Whereas, the people of Gaza argue that it limits their ability to produce and receive food, which limits their job opportunities. Now, Israel has added to their low life quality by placing them in constant fear and danger of continued violence. Some of this violence has targeted agricultural areas, only adding to the limited ability of Gaza to grow their economy.

While there were hopes that this lull in violence meant that the two territories may be coming towards a long-lasting peace, these new attacks have ensured that a compromise seems unlikely soon.

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