Israel Raids Palestinian Camp With Helicopter

For the first time in over a couple of decades, Israel has conducted a raid at a refugee camp in Palestine using a not-so-common artefact: a helicopter. The attack, which lasted close to 10 hours, wounded over 90 individuals and took the lives of five Palestinians, the youngest being 15 years old. This raid is one of the many Palestinians have faced daily for over a year.

What is mostly unique to this common raid is the use of a helicopter. According to Israel’s army, Palestinian militants’ use of “powerful roadside bombs” caused army vehicles to be stuck in the middle of confrontations, which prompted the use of a helicopter to evacuate the area.

Yet, this attack’s uniqueness isn’t over. One of the wounded was a Palestinian journalist named Hazem Nasser, who was working in the area and wearing a press bullet vest. According to witnesses, shots were coming from Israeli forces even when they knew they were journalists. Israel’s army declared the beginning of an investigation, claiming that its soldiers only use force as a “last resort”.

Even if the Ukraine-Russia war is taking much of the international community’s attention, the Israel-Palestine conflict is as much as necessary. The state of Israel has continuously broken a variety of UN resolutions and international law in a campaign to enlarge its territory. Moreover, hurting individuals who have nothing to do with the conflict and are simply doing their jobs, such as journalists and medics, is heartbreaking.

Since this raid occurred, Egypt has been the only country to denounce Israel’s action, claiming them to be counteractive to the efforts of reducing regional tensions. Every country in the world that believes in peace and respect for international law should follow Egypt’s example.

Giving a warlike conflict more importance than another one due to its relevancy or what is at stake shouldn’t be done. Every country and supranational organization should have international peace as a goal, everywhere. Putting this and many other conflicts in the background just makes them worse.

It is no secret that Jews have been prosecuted throughout world history. Since ancient times, they have been looking for a place they can call home and not be prosecuted. However, such place, or also known as the “Promised Land”, was already occupied by the Palestinians. By the end of the 19th century, a Jewish migration wave started to this territory, which became stronger during the years of World War II. In 1947, with increasing tensions between Palestinians claiming independence and Jews claiming the territory is theirs, the United Kingdom passed a UN resolution in which this territory, now called Israel, was divided into two pieces: the Palestinian and the Israelite pieces, the latter being given 54% of the territory. Israel’s mere existence as a state and its legitimacy is based on a UN resolution, the first state in history to be created this way. Nonetheless, its actions in the past decades have violated these documents. Jerusalem, a city of great importance to both cultures, was given an international status, which meant it did not belong to anybody. Nonetheless, since then, Israel has taken over 70% of Palestine’s territory, declared Jerusalem its capital, and continued repressing Palestinians.

After the election of the most right-wing government in Israel’s history in 2022, whose plan is to annex Palestine’s remaining territory, it is imperative that the international community realizes this conflict’s urgency. Both the UN and individual states must not turn a blind eye to any dispute that violates international law and UN resolutions.  The lives of thousands of victims, from both sides, shall not become part of a statistic but a wake-up call for the international community to act and finally give this conflict the importance it deserves.