ISIS Kills Two Chinese Nationals In Pakistan

ISIS has announced that they killed two Chinese nationals who were kidnapped in Pakistan’s southwestern Balochistan province last month. The kidnappers were police-uniformed terrorists and the two victims were language teachers in Pakistan.  Balochistan is an important location for both Chinese and Pakistani governments. China is building large-scale infrastructure projects at this location. It is the core province for China’s investment. Therefore, security in Pakistan, especially Balochistan province is vital for both public lives and governmental cooperative relations.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a significant cooperation between the two countries. The CPEC is located in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan. There are a certain amount of Chinese nationals living and working in this area. The Chinese government has raised a expressed its concern regarding the safety of Chinese nationals. The two Chinese language teachers who were kidnapped and killed is not the first case of this occurring.  In November 2016, two Chinese engineers were killed by unidentified assailants in the Pasni district of Balochistan. Two more Chinese engineers were killed in a roadside blast in Hub district last September.

This attack occurred shortly after Chinese President Xi Jinping held the “One Belt One Road” summit meeting that Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif attended. The two countries’ governments have developed gradually closer economic relations. The Chinese government has a number of ongoing projects in Pakistan but it does not provide safety guards such as police or military to protect the workers and staffs. All security measures are dependent upon the host country. However, the host country is not able to provide full protection in risky areas due to the presence of terrorist groups.

Last Sunday, the Pakistani military conducted an operation that killed numerous key terrorist commanders. The operation was in the mountainous Mastung District. According to an intelligence report, this location was where the kidnapped Chinese nationals were held. The Chinese government has urged the Pakistani government to upgrade security measures in order to keep Chinese nationals safe and allow projects to develop smoothly.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not directly responded to this news yet, but it reiterates that the Chinese government has worked with the Pakistani government to locate and rescue the kidnapped Chinese nationals After numerous attacks occurred in Pakistan in which the victims are Chinese, security in Pakistan is now an important issue to discuss in the Chinese government’s decision-making.

Jieruo Li
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