ISIS Claims Attack In Yemen

At least seven people were killed and twelve more were injured when a suicide bomber attacked security headquarters in the southern port city of Aden on Sunday November 5. The bomber drove a vehicle with explosives into the entrance gate of the security headquarters building. According to an Aden security official, “fierce clashes between security forces and suspected terrorists escalated after the explosion.”

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on Sunday via its Amaq News Agency.

Yemen is currently in the midst of a civil war. In 2015, Iran-backed Houthi rebels toppled the central government, which is supported by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia joined the war and is currently fighting against Iran in Yemen’s territory. According to the United Nations Human Rights Office, over the past two years there have been thousands of casualties due to the increasing violence of the war. The United Nations humanitarian chief stated earlier this year that Yemen is currently in danger of “total social, economic, and institutional collapse.”

According to CNN, terrorist groups are also flourishing in Yemen’s climate of destabilization and war. Yemen is the center of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which CNN reports the United States considers the most dangerous of all of the terrorist organizations currently operating out of Yemen.

CNN further cites Stephen O’Brien, the UN undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator, who has gone on record to say that the country’s citizens face a “triple threat” of “armed conflict, famine, and deadly disease that has already killed, injured, displaced or otherwise affected millions and it will spare no one if it continues unchecked.”

The war in Yemen has been referred to as “the silent war” because of the relatively little media attention devoted to the conflict. One of the ways to help the Yemeni people is to broadcast their struggle so that other major countries know that their people are invested in the conflict and its peaceful resolution.

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