ISIL Fighters Lose The Last Stronghold In Syria

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U.S. and Kurdish forces have attacked the last stronghold of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) . Aerial bombings of the town of Hajin, where the last remnants of ISIL are located, have increased and SDF commanders are making progress. This being the last territory, ISIL analysts continue to worry nonetheless that the ideology that gave birth to the movements remains strong in the region. Many of the 60,000 that once called the Hajin area “home” have fled to makeshift camps for the internally displaced. Some SDF fighters expect their final offensive could last two to three months.

The SDF reported deaths of 37 ISIL members at the start of the battle, along with the destruction of 19 enemy forward positions for roads and other properties during the preemptive bombardment. The SDF is as well reported to have killed many ISIL fighters while losing two of their own to secure 200 civilians. As the SDF spokesman said they will fight till the very last minute. One of the people’s protection unit (YPG) Commanders stated that desperate ISIL militants would resort to wearing Women’s clothing when fleeing. By the end of the second week of February, 16 civilians were reported to have been killed in airstrikes as thirteen ISIL militants, including five suicide attackers, were killed as well as six SDF fighters.

It should be noted that Syria’s use of chemical weapons largely provoked the war. A conflict now divided into four sides each fighting one another. As support fluctuated for their President people mobilized to the streets to demand for reforms causing further chaos in the region. Hundred died and thousands got arrested. Small groups of rebels began appearing who had no unified ideology. Rebels number increased ,with increased weapons,as they abused and killed many civilians in the name of revolutions. This is a simple version of the story in question.

Since December 2017, the Syrian Democratic forces have been on a campaign to wrest territorial control from the Islamic terror group in Eastern Syria. SDF’s advances have been supported by American , British and French forces. SDF launched the third and final phase of its campaign in September 2018, gradually capturing the remaining ISIL pocket of territory straddling in Euphrates river near Iraq . The massive Exodus of civilians complicated advances with the SDF pausing its advance for almost ten days prior to the battle. During this battle only the Syrian and Iraq women were allowed to be smuggled out. The ISIL fighters were reported to be preventing men under 40 years of age from quitting the redoubt . A batch of ISIL fighters and their families surrendered to the SDF.
The United Nations office for the co-ordination of humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) for Syria stated 9,000 people had been evacuated from the enclave, within the previous hours, with the majority being women and children. SDF spokesman announced that the standoff with ISIL was over and SDF units had began storming the remaining Riverside encampment which was considered to be the top network of caves and tunnels by entrenched Jihadists. The SDF units would advance cautiously to avoid IEDS and land mines as well as any civilians.