Irish-American Support for Biden Dwindles Over Gaza War

Ireland is one of the most pro-Palestine nations in the world, and definitively the most pro-Palestine western nation today. Irish lawmakers were the first to call for a ceasefire after October 7th and according to an Ireland Thinks poll, 80% of Irish believe that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the death toll in Gaza is 32,000, with women and children making up two-third of the passed, and famine is said to be imminent in northern Gaza. The indiscriminate killing of Palestinian children, women, and non-combatants and blockage of aid by Israeli forces has made many Irish-Americans hit the street in protest of American support for Israel.

Ireland has a long history of showing support for Palestine. In 1980, Ireland was the first member of the EU to endorse the establishment of  Palestinian state, and the state has continued its support for Palestine to today. Many Irish draw parallels between Palestinian history and their own. Both countries experienced colonization at the hands of the British, with Britain establishing mandatory Palestine in 1920, and Ireland winning its own dependence a few years later in 1923.

The support for Palestine is not limited to the island of Ireland, but Irish-Americans have continued the support in America.  This St. Patrick’s day saw a series of protests held by Irish Americans against Israels current genocide in Gaza. The Irish Americans for Palestine group have utilized Biden’s own Irish ancestry (and pride thereof), as a way to put pressure on the President. This St. Patricks day, they utilized his celebration to make a point that the American-Irish community is largely against his policy, and urges for change. As Biden continued to politically and militarily support Israel, support among Irish Americans for him began to decrease. Irish member of European Parliament Clare Daly responded to Bidens continued backing of Israel and his pride of Irish heritage in a speech “The ancestors of the Ireland that you claim to be from disown you. Keep our country out of your mouth.” Though Biden has been expressing discontent with current Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, many are still upset at the President’s hardline pro-Israel stance.

Biden told attendees at a Irish Americans for Biden Harris 2024 Campaign Kick Off that he needed the Irish American vote to win in November. Swing states like New Hampshire, Maine, and Pennsylvania have high populations of Irish Americans, and therefore the Irish-American vote will play a large role in these states, and for the overall outcome of the election.

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