International Day Of Peace- Protection Of People

The International Day of Peace, observed on 21 September, is a day devoted to the cessation of all hostilities across the world and for individuals to participate in activities that promote global peace. Peace Day is a chance for individuals to alter their behaviour, which, when multiplied across cities and nations, has the potential to develop a more peaceful society. Our youth have come to understand the importance of making a difference in this world through working together, spreading awareness, and urging for change to occur.

One of the main purposes of this day is to strengthen international ties to solve worldwide problems, including the protection of people. In collaboration with the United Nations, the non-profit organization Peace One Day has set up a range of initiatives to spread the word about a range of themes that are the focus of Peace Day 2021. One of these important themes is the protection of people in their homes, communities, schools, and places of work.

Each individual in this world deserves the right to live a free and secure life without fear, abuse or neglect, no matter their age, gender, or ethnicity. The central way in which we can improve the protection of people globally is to reduce violence which is prevalent across the globe. Violence is a threatening problem globally that impacts many people in society and has a long-term impact on future generations.

There are a variety of interventions that may be used to prevent violence in our families, communities, schools, and workplaces. Domestic violence rates are greatly reduced when children and their parents and caregivers develop secure, stable, and loving relationships. Positive, stable relationships with caregivers are associated with improved social skills in childhood, increased social participation, and a positive perspective. Furthermore, it promotes positive health and lifestyle choices throughout adulthood.

The second method of protecting individuals is to alter cultural and societal norms that encourage violence. Because culture and social norms have a major effect on violent behaviour, attempts to prevent violence must address how societal pressures and expectations influence individual behaviour. Encourage intergenerational conversation, use our social power to effect change, and recognize detrimental cultural norms and behaviours are all examples of such initiatives. Cultural and behavioural change are critical in creating a community in which all individuals are protected and may live with dignity. Each of us has the ability to make a difference in the world and improve the future of our people’s protection.

Promoting gender equality is another way to decreasing violence, particularly against women. Gender equality is an important factor in the prevention of violence against women and girls, as well as making our communities safer and healthier. Gender inequality is a major contributor to violence against women. One in every three women will suffer abuse in her lifetime, yet only a small percentage of those who choose to commit violence are held accountable. The four major reasons women face violence are men’s control over decision-making, limits on women’s independence, rigid gender roles and stereotypes, and male relationships that emphasize aggression and contempt.

With the Peace Day initiative, we can all learn from the range of amazing men and women speaking at Peace One Day’s free live broadcast to spread awareness on the importance of the protection of people. This day is an opportunity for young people across the world to become involved in anti-bullying, spreading messages of love, hope, and respect to create change. The key point we can take from initiatives like Peace Day is that we can all make a difference in this world if we work together. As is apparent, having stable communities contributes to the ultimate objective of world peace.

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Mia Heaphy