India Calls On Interpol To Help Arrest Controversial Islamic Preacher

The National Investigation Agency has asked for Interpol to issue a red corner notice on the controversial Islamic preacher, Zakir Naik reports The Hindu. The red corner notice would allow for Zakir Naik to be arrested by any agency globally. This has all followed after the Islamic Research Foundation, headed by controversial Islamic preacher, Zakir Naik, was banned. A tribunal at the Delhi High Court, headed by Justice Sangeeta Dhingra, has found the foundation to be a threat to India’s security. According to the Hindustan Times, the Islamic Research Foundation has been found to threaten India’s sovereignty, security, and unity. The foundation was proven to be a threat to India’s security as there was a rising fear of Islamic radicalization within India. Zakir Naik is a controversial preacher who has been barred from entering both Canada and the United Kingdom due to his extremist ideologies.

Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva stated that the move to ban Zakir Naik was, “in the interest to safeguard the sovereignty, integrity and national security of India,” reported the Independent. Zakir Naik has stated that this ban on his organization was definitely a “communal decision,” stated the Times of India. The controversial preacher also stated, “Not a single time I was questioned or given a chance to explain. Their agenda is open and clear: implicate me by hook or by crook.”

National security is vital for a prosperous and emerging nation. India is no stranger to violence and the division of religious groups. For instance, the Mumbai Attacks, the 1989 Jammu riots, and the Gujarat Riots have exemplified India’s turmoil with communal violence. Therefore, condemning all sorts of extremism in India seems to be vital. With that said, Zakir Naik is known for the promotion of hate and violence. In order to achieve peace and security for all citizens in India, hate speech and fear mongering that leads to the division of citizens, need to be silenced. Educating those who are disadvantaged, as they are usually the targets of controversial religious leaders, can lead to them being less likely to engage in communal violence and denounce it.

Religious tensions have been high within the region of South Asia, before the birth of some countries in the region. The partition of India, which was influenced immensely by religion, highlighted the largest mass human migration in the world. For a nation who has already experienced religious violence, it is important to regulate, which will include the banning of organizations who do propagate it. Zakir Naik has been banned in both Canada and the United Kingdom for these very reasons. He has promoted terrorism and spread homophobic comments and sexist teachings.

With that in mind, this ban seems to be vital in order to provide citizens security across the globe. It is also important for countries to show integrity and ask for international help to ensure their citizens and the entire world is secure. The promotion of violence needs to end and the education of the masses needs to begin. In this respect, it is evident that communal violence can be more likely when propaganda stops and peaceful dialogues take place instead.