Greenland’s Melted Ice Enough To Cover Surface Of Florida In Two Inches Of Water

The ice sheet which has historically been known to cover Greenland has recently gone into a state of rapid melting. Last week, there was enough melted ice that occurred in one single day, that it is estimated to be enough to cover the entire surface of the U.S. state, Florida in 2 inches of water. This is an example of global warming that is induced by human activity. The ice, that is melting in Greenland, is trailing back to the ocean and therefore causing the gradual elevation of the global sea level. This article is an urge for humans to make adaptations to their lifestyles in order to help the prevention of more ice melting. People must understand that if we do not find a way for the ice to stop melting, humans and all other living things will soon cease to have an earth to inhabit.

Marco Tedesco, a glacier expert, said in an interview about the event; ‘“We had these sorts of atmospheric events in the past, but they are now getting longer and more frequent.”

This is thought to be because of the constant increase of human utility of the world’s resources without having a thought about the ramifications that may come with their usage. What people are failing to understand, partially due to lack of media coverage and recent conspiracy theory popularity, is that Greenland’s ice sheet contains enough water that, if it melted, would raise sea levels 23 feet.

Society needs to alter its way of living in order to ensure the planet’s sustainability for future generations. This is a totally achievable and reachable goal that requires more media coverage, as it is probably the most important problem facing the world today. What we are avoiding is the beginning of the end of the world, and each day we are getting closer to a position where our actions will be irreversible. Another statement by expert Tedesco states that; ‘…we need to get to net-zero emissions, but also we need to protect exposed populations along the coast.”

For the world to obtain zero emissions, states must work together to encourage their citizens to embrace alternative energy solutions and individual solutions. By doing this, the world population will be able to terminate the continuation of the effects of climate change and therefore create a brighter future for our planet.

Countries such as New Zealand have indicated their commitment to take the step to create positive change by pledging to be a zero-emissions country by 2030. Despite the major backlash this decision has received from a large amount of the New Zealand public, it is going to benefit the lives of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of everyone. It should be communicated more strongly throughout nations that limiting resources and adjusting life to being more sustainable, is a small price to pay for a healthy and bright future for our children.

The ice melting was initially triggered by a heatwave that began around July 28. A high-pressure system around Greenland cleared clouds from the skies and allowed sunlight to reach the ground, causing ground temperatures to soar. Martin Stendel, a climate researcher at the Danish Meteorological Institute, stated: “When ice from the ice sheet melts, the remaining ice is at lower altitudes and can therefore melt easier. Even if we stopped all emission of greenhouse gases today, the sea level would continue to rise for the next several hundreds of years,” in other words, what happens now has relevance for the future.”

The world needs to make a change to how careless we are with our emissions. Global warming is real, and it is the most urgent threat to our lives. If nations wish to see their children’s children live on this beautiful planet and experience it as we have, we need to work together to stop these events from ruining their chances, and we need to do it fast.

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