Gambia’s New President, Still In Senegal, Names Female VP

On January 23, 2017, Halifa Sallah, spokesperson for the Coalition 2016 party, declared that Gambian President, Adama Barrow has chosen Aja Fatouma Tambajang  to be the Vice President for the nation. President Barrow, is still in Senegal after President Yahya Jammeh stepped down as President.

Both President Barrow and Vice President Tambajang were part of the opposition parties that led to the movement that made ex-ruler Yahya Jammeh step down; he ruled for twenty-two years after taking over the nation in a coup. Yahya Jammeh declined to step down after losing to President Adama Barrow in the elections, President Barrow fled to Senegal for refuge.

Aja Fatouma Tambajang has served as a United Nations Development Program Staffer, and had served in the United Democratic Party with President Adama Barrow before the Coalition 2016 came into play.Critics of Tambajang claim she surpasses the age of 65, the maximum age to be Vice President. This has led to speculation that President Adama Barrow has indeed broken the constitution. However, none of this has been addressed by the Coalition 2016 party.

The Coalition 2016 party promises to change Senegal from former president Yahya Jammeh’s violent Senegal, that had involved itself in the deaths of his critics and anti-gay violence, as well as many other cited human rights violations . After Jammeh and his family went into political, President Barrow returned home marking the end of a long transfer of power, where he stated that a peaceful transition was important for him. President Adama Barrow had said earlier that he plans for Gambia to be a nation of peace. In an article he wrote for Jollofnews he said, “There is no need for tension to build up between tribal and religious groups. We are all equal in citizenship. Each has one vote. The coalition is established to create One Nation and One People”.

Though Gambia for the first time sees a light for peace and prosperity, only the actions of President Adama Barrow, Vice-President Aja Fatouma Tambajang and the rest of the the Coalition Party 2016, will set the tone for peace and security for the nation in years to come.


The Organization for World Peace