Finally The Trump – Kim Meeting Happens

President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un finally had their meet up as previously planned. This meeting occurred, despite reports that it might not have due to one reason or another, but mostly due to disagreements between the two leaders. For most people, this is a good thing, especially based on the way the event was portrayed by the media. However, not everyone understands the nitty-gritty of the meeting. In light of this, this piece will focus on enlightening the world about what happened and the meanings.

It is important to understand that the two leaders just met for the first time. Even though talks are still on, this is a major step towards the resolution of the problem the two nations have had. The document they both signed is simply a diplomatic measure to keep talks going forward. The document did not have any binding legalities and agreements.

After the meeting, Trump suggested the two will use a “freeze for freeze” policy. This policy means that Korea will suspend its nuclear testing programs while the U.S. will stop joint military undertakings with South Korea. Essentially, it is almost a “like for like” policy. In making this policy, Trump may have committed another political gaffe. The U.S. and South Korea military undertakings are something that was never confirmed by either government. In effect, he may have admitted to it without knowledge from South Korea.

The theatrics surrounding the meeting can be attributed to one simple thing. Most analysts have speculated the U.S. decided to portray Kim as an equal to the leader of a world superpower. By doing this, the pride of men can be assuaged and talks would continue. However, looking at the other side of the coin, it can also portray to the world that the U.S. can be forced into doing things by the threat of nuclear missiles

Ultimately, if the world hoped the meeting would be a major step in resolving the North Korean issue, then the world would be wrong. Nothing concerning that topic was even discussed by either state. Even if they were discussed, then it would be a long process for Kim to trust Trump, especially after the latter reneged on several key deals with allies. For now, the effect of the talks lasts as long as dialogue lines are open between the two nations.

Ferdinand Bada
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