Federal Raids Conducted On Giuliani’s Home And Office

A federal raid on Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and personal lawyer for Donald Trump, seized more than 10 computers and cell phones, according to Reuters. The raid(s) on Giuliani’s home and office, which took place in the first week of May, represent an escalation in the ongoing federal investigation of the former presidential administration’s links with Ukraine.

Experts interviewed by The Guardian see the raids as a signal for a “widening criminal search.” “This would have needed approval at a very high level within the Department of Justice, which would not have been given absent very solid grounds,” says former prosecutor Mary McCord. “And department lawyers would have thought through legal issues like the expected assertions of privilege.” For now, the inquiry is centered on Giuliani. The search warrant justifying the raid(s) claimed that Giuliani had acted as an “unregistered foreign agent” in his dealings with Republican super-donors and Ukrainian businessmen and politicians.

The alleged conspiracy, however, goes well beyond Giuliani; accusations of conspiracy were the genesis of Trump’s first impeachment. The Trump administration, with Giuliani acting as its representative, allegedly attempted to coerce Ukraine into investigating then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and his activities with a Ukrainian oil company, Burisma. Accusers claim this was done via threats to withhold foreign aid.

A number of businessmen, Ukrainian and otherwise, were also named in the search warrant. They, according to Reuters, are as follows:

Lev Parnas, Igor Fruman, and David Correia: One of the faces of the investigation, Parnas is a Ukrainian-born businessman and “prolific” Republican donor who allegedly acted as a liaison for the Trump and Ukrainian administrations. Parnas and his associate, Fruman, are accused of making an illegal donation of more than 300,000 dollars to a Trump-supporting PAC. Correia was part of a separate company which paid Giuliani $500,000.

Petro Poroshenko: A Ukrainian oligarch who met Parnas and Fruman in 2019.

Gyunduz Mamedov: A Ukrainian prosecutor who helped arrange a meeting between Giuliani and Ukrainian officials.

Viktor Shokin: Prosecutor General of Ukraine who investigated into Burisma, albeit pertaining to events before Hunter Biden’s tenure there. He was eventually removed due to corruption charges.

Yuriy Lutsenko, Konstiantyn Kulyk, Glib Zagoriy, and John Solomon: Lutsenko succeeded Shokin as Prosecutor General and told Solomon, an American journalist, that he had relevant evidence pertaining to Hunter Biden. Zagoriy attended a meeting between Lutsenko and Giuliani.

Victoria Toensing and Joe Digenova: Married U.S. lawyers who were part of Giuliani’s legal team.