Cyber Security Practices Addressed By McAFee’s CEO 2

According to Forbes, Chris Young, current CEO of McAfee, addressed in an interview with Metis Strategy’s president, Peter High, that McAfee is encountering a couple of issues related to cybersecurity. First, the organization is making a process in trying to keep with the rapid innovation of the modern day’s technology. Secondly, with the increasing rate of advancement in malicious cyberattacks enacted by hackers, the company is determining to face this difficulty as well.

Based on Chris, the company has been trying to stay linked with the community to keep the company up to date with the cybersecurity threats. Driving innovation would be needed to be accessed by establishing new capabilities through acquiring businesses that could allow the company to gets into new spaces. He stated that the initiative allows the company to be committed to further the advancement of cloud computing space.

Several cybersecurity practices were noted by Chris Young, CEO of McAfee that enterprises used to prevent malicious attacks. Firstly, the organization hires network penetration testers to attack their organizations to determine the vulnerabilities of its protection system. This type of assessment is known as “red teaming” which is found to be commonly used by modern enterprises, according to Chris. Another common practice is to perform effective risk management where organizations identify possible risks and prioritize them aggressively rather than to try every flaw detected in the organizations. The importance of this type of assessment is that the company will be able to protect its most valuable assets when the crisis hits. As stated by Chris, even though some machines are compromised by outsider threats when an attack occurred, the attack will still not get the upper hand and attain its goals. Thirdly, there is an important shift of expansion into the area of a cloud environment. On the report of the Australian Cyber Security Centre, cloud computing security is known as the practice in which online hosted servers are used to store, manage and process data, instead of using the local server or personal computer.

In brief, the experience and perspective in which Chris Young, the CEO of McAfee provides valuable and assessable methodologies to what individuals and corporations should do in aspect of cybersecurity.