Corporate Greed. Commercialization

Global conglomerates make millions and even billions of dollars because of their corporate greed and brutal marketing strategies designed to create publicity. With the recent memorials of ANZAC Day, commercialization would be on every marketer’s mind. Globally, it has become accepted for large companies to make political statements and commercialize sacred holidays in the name of more money and even link themselves to causes with the purpose of promoting products, brands, people and companies.

Merchandise is only one of the significant consequences that result from the commercialization of a national holiday like the recent ANZAC Day. As ANZAC Day is a holiday specific to the culture and history of New Zealand and Australia, many tourists and sometimes local New Zealanders purchase merchandise from companies that are tied to the war theme of ANZAC Day. Major online retailers sell personal goods, such as clothing with insignia related to ANZAC Day, meaning that large corporations are profiting from an inappropriate cultural appropriation of New Zealand’s military history. During the day, many companies announced special rates and ANZAC Day prices, as many businesses no longer felt the need to be closed the whole day. Comparatively, other companies also made significant leaps to use social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to show their support for the memorials, while also promoting their own business.

The significant issue of corporate greed as a result of commercialization diminishes the public and private memorials of those who fought for New Zealand, as the day is no longer as sacred because of the commercialization. People are forced to question their morals and values if they let this continue with upcoming national holidays, especially as the focus of many of the memorials around the country was peace and remembrance to victims of war, including the recent Christchurch attacks. With the terrorist threat diminishing, people must further question the need for global corporations to diminish the sacredness of  memorials.

The commercialization of national holidays is a disgrace and needs to change in order for future holidays to have any significant symbolism brought back to them. Holidays like ANZAC Day are about the atrocities of war and the need for peace. Corporate greed only cares about more money made by commercializing these national holidays.

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