Climate Change: A Result of Human Unsustainable Activities Threatens Word Peace and Development

For a decade now the issues surrounding climate change have been at the centre of all international, diplomatic, and local discussions for the simple reason that the planet is suffering due to environmental degradation, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and all sorts of pollutant that is being injected into the air. All these ills have gone a long way to threaten world peace and development.

The United Nation framework convention on climate change defines climate change as “a change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability observed over comparable time periods.” This is why article 6 of this convention stipulates that there should be constant implementation of educational and public awareness programs on climate change and it affects.

This adverse effect caused by climate change in our environment have seen the organisation of many international meeting in the likes of the 1992 Rio de Janeiro earth summit, the 1997 Kyoto protocol where most industrialised countries agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6 to 8% below 1990 levels between the years 2008-2012. In the same light, discussions in 2011 in Durban South Africa under the auspices of Maite Nkoana-Mashabane say the creation of a Green Climate Fund for which a management framework was adopted and funds of over US $100 billion per year will be given to poor countries to help them adapt to climate impacts.

Recently world leaders met again on November 30th to December 12th in Paris to negotiate on the issues governing climate change reduction measures by 2020 and the adoption of the Paris Agreement. According to technicians and scientific researchers this agreement can become fully effective only if 55 countries which produce at least 55% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions ratify the agreement.

The world has recently experienced the highest increase in temperature in the last six months with the month of February marking the 10th consecutive month global temperatures have been broken. The land and ocean surfaces global average temperature was the highest in February 2016 since the last 137 years period at 1.21oC (2.18oF) above the 2oth century average of 12.1oC (53.9oF) with the record surpassing the record set in 2015. But then a large majority of the causes of climate change are attributed to unsustainable human activities which do not promote inclusive growth but brown growth as polar ice shields are melting, sea rising, extreme weather events, desertification, insufficient harvest, migration, extreme heat waves, seasons shifting, economic losses, droughts, and more heat related illness and disease meanwhile our planet still needs to supply us and all living things – with air, water, food and safe places to live. It is also clearly seen that climate change is a serious threat to world peace and security as mention by the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon during a Security Council debate about shifting weather patterns. In his speech he said “climate change… not only exacerbates threats to international peace and security, it is a threat to international peace and security.” The Lake Chad basin and the river Niger in Nigeria is a clear picture that climate change is still continuing devastating landscape and agricultural spaces. If a community that solely relies on agriculture experience constant droughts, this community will be forced to settle in another community in order to practice it agricultural activity. But if the new community refuses to accommodate them, then the other community will have no choice but to fight for it survival and that alone can result to inter community war, loss of properties and lives. Even President Barack Obama of the USA admitted that climate change is one of the worst ills faced by humans in the 21st century. Therefore a call for more resilience and sustainable method of production and framing is expected by everybody in other to greenhouse gases emissions. This is due to the fact that carbon dioxide emissions stands out today at 403.19 ppm.

Adewale Daniel Omojowo
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