The Organization for World Peace Charity

What is our Focus?

*The Organization for World Peace Charity (OWPC) focuses on victims of warfare, in particular, child soldiers and internally displaced persons (IDPs).

*Our mission is to rebuild the lives of individuals who have been so negatively affected by either living in conflict regions or forced participate in conflict.

Child Soldiers

*As of 2002, under International law, conscripting or enlisting of children under the age of 15 to participate in the armed forces or hostilities is a war crime.[1]

*It is estimated that 300,000 child soldiers are currently active in conflicts around the world, and that 40% of armed forces, including national militaries, militias, terrorist organizations and resistance forces use child soldiers.[2]

*The reintegration of child soldiers is fundamental to the goal of the OWPC

*The strategies the OWPC uses to achieve this aim are:

1) The OWPC actively participates in reintroducing child soldiers back into their communities and providing them with access to education, healthcare, nutrition, and counselling with the aim to assist them cope and recover from much of the devastating physiological and psychological impact they have experienced.

2) The OWPC advocates against the use of child soldiers by reporting on groups that are recruiting children, and challenging these groups to discontinue their use of children in hostilities.

Internally Displaced People

*In 2012, there were 28.8 million internally displaced people, many of which were forced to flee their homes from armed groups for the safety of their lives and that of their families.

*Homes and communities are often destroyed or burned to the ground by combatants.

*Millions of people are forced into IDP camps that are typically designed to hold a couple hundred thousand. The over population of these IDP camps leads to humanitarian catastrophes due to the lack of enough food and water to care for the overhaul of people desperately in need of these resources.

*The OWPC supports IDP camps in their expansion, their supply of humanitarian aid like food and water, and their expansion of sanitation facilities. Furthermore, the OWPC helps IDPs post conflict by rebuilding their homes, communities, livelihoods and encouraging them towards a brighter future.


[1] See page 8 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

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