First Iranian Gas Tanker Reaches Venezuela

An Iran oil tanker reached Venezuela on May 23. The U.S. has sanctions on both countries and the arrival of the tanker has brought up questions of U.S. intervention. The Iranian tankers hold enough gasoline to supply Venezuela for two to three weeks. Even though Venezuela has the world’s largest […]

American Enforcement Of Sanctions Causes Tension, Suffering In A Pandemic-Stricken World

On Saturday the 16th of May, Nour news agency, which is linked closely to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), warned of repercussions should the United States attempt to prevent an Iranian fuel shipment to Venezuela. The agency said that “If the United States, just like pirates, intends to create […]

The Intensifying Criticality Of Press Freedom

The short-term emergency measures governments have been taking since the COVID-19 outbreak will not only shape our current and near future, but define and shape the politics, economics, culture, and policies of the years to come, historian and philosopher Yuval Noah Harari argued in an article he wrote for Financial […]

Venezuela Accuses Colombia Of Attempting ‘Terrorist’ Sea Invasion 1

In a case of fumbled communication, Venezuela and Colombia are dealing with a year old feud, intensified by recent events. Interior Minister Nestor Reverol of Venezuela has said in a televised address that the Venezuelan government has foiled an attempted terrorist attack. The attack would have been accomplished through a […]

Venezuela’s Failed Coup And America’s Failed Policy Of Regime Change

On May 4th, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced that his government had stopped an attempted amphibious invasion near the capital of Caracas. In total, with several dead, 13 of the conspirators were captured by Venezuelan security forces, two of which have been identified as U.S. citizens, Airan Berry and Luke […]

Washington Congressional Candidate Runs On Peace 1

It is not every day you hear of a 26 year old socialist, trucker, and TikTok star running for the United States House of Representatives. Indeed, Joshua Collins is not your ordinary political candidate. Nonetheless, the outspoken millennial and self-proclaimed “CEO of socialism” is running as a Democrat to represent […]

Coronavirus Reaches the Amazon’s Isolated Yanomami Tribe

Brazil’s Minister of Health confirmed that the coronavirus has officially reached the Amazon’s Indigenous Yanomami tribe, a notably remote group situated along the Brazil-Venezuela border. Amidst concerns that the coronavirus could irreversibly affect the world’s most at-risk populations, Brazilian officials announced Wednesday that a 15-year-old Yanomami boy was the first […]

Trump And Duque’s Backdoor Deals During COVID-19 Quarantine

The Colombian Congress has been on recess since March 24th due to the implementation of a national quarantine to curb the spread of COVID-19. The quarantine was originally set to finish on April 13th, however has since been extended to finish on the 27th.  During this time, Colombian opposition Congressman […]

The Chicken Game – Russia And Saudi Arabia’s War On Oil Prices

Saudi Arabia declared an all-out war of attrition on oil prices, marking the end of a long, fruitful relationship between two of the largest producers of oil in the world. A mutually beneficial relationship between Moscow and Riyadh began in 2014, when U.S. shale oil began flooding oil markets around […]

Venezuela’s Opposition Leader Rallies Support In Miami

Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó hosted a rally in a Miami convention center on Saturday, February 15th. Guaidó received a warm reception as he was greeted by thousands of Venezuelans in attendance. Guaidó serves as the National Assembly leader of Venezuela but is recognized by nearly 60 nations, including the […]

U.S. Targets Maduro-Picked Top Legislator, Six Others In Fresh Venezuelan Sanctions

The United States imposed sanctions on seven Venezuelan legislators on Monday, 13 January. The legislators were accused of leading a bid to seize control of Congress from Juan Guaidó, the U.S. backed opposition leader. On January 5th, the military blocked Guaidó from entering parliament to allow the Socialist Party to […]

Venezuela’s Ruling Socialists Seize Congress

On Sunday the 6th of January, Venezuela’s socialist government installed a new head of Congress, after armed troops blocked opposition legislators from entering parliament, Reuters reports. Troops armed with riot shields blocked opposition leader Juan Guaido from entering parliament for what was expected to be his re-election as head of […]

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Guaidó Blocked From Key National Assembly Vote

On Sunday, pro-government lawmakers in Venezuela announced the swearing-in of a new president of the National Assembly after barring several opposition congressmen, including leader Juan Guaidó, from entering the legislative building. Guaidó is the incumbent National Assembly President and was presumed to win reelection to the position. Instead, he and […]

Venezuelan Migrants Caught In The Crossfire Of Protests In Colombia

Protests in Colombia have been ongoing for more than two weeks now as calls for the reform or the replacement of President Iván Duque’s right-winged government grow significantly louder each day. This civil unrest first started on November 21st and has been causing a greater amount of risk to the […]

President Nicolás Maduro’s Power Bolstered By U.N. Human Rights Council Seat

While covered by major news organizations, the significance and lasting implications of Venezuela winning a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council last month cannot be overstated. The Council is responsible for “the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe” by shining a spotlight on violations. […]

4.5 Million Venezuelan Displacements Since 2015, The UN And Partners Outcry

The political and economic instability in Venezuela seems to geometrically influence the mass exodus of now millions of Venezuelans. Since 2015 when this humanitarian crisis began, the gravity of the instability has caused the UNHCR, UN Migration Organization and the European Union to label it the “direst” displacement crises in […]