Bolsonaro Being Sued After Removing Mask During Press Conference

The Brazilian Press Association has expressed plans to file a lawsuit in Brazil’s Supreme Court against President Jair Bolsonaro after the president removed his mask during a press conference on Tuesday, possibly exposing members of the media to COVID-19. The association, known as ABI which advocates for Brazilian journalists, alleged […]

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Tests Positive for COVID-19 After Months Of Mismanagement

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro tested positive for COVID-19 this week, after months of undermining the severity of the global pandemic. Speaking to a small group of reporters, a mask-wearing Bolsonaro confirmed he contracted the coronavirus. He stated, “There’s no reason for fear… Life goes on. I thank God for my […]

Government, Germs, And Gold: The Current State Of Brazil’s Yanomami Reserve

Illegal gold mining has increased severely in Brazil’s biggest remote indigenous reserve over the last five years. The Yanomami reserve is on the northern reaches of the Brazilian Amazon, near the Venezuelan border. A Reuters satellite image review of the protected Yanomami reservation shows a 20-fold expansion in illegal mining […]

U.S. Protests Bring Brazil Racial Inequality To The Fore

U.S. protests trigger outcry about racial discrimination globally. Under this trend, being a country with enormous disparities among races, Brazil is criticised for violating black people’s human rights during the pandemic. The disproportionate death toll of black people is the most recent evidence of Brazil’s racial inequality. According to the […]

Indigenous Communities And COVID-19

One of the groups most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus are the indigenous communities around the world. This vulnerability is not a new phenomenon, as indigenous peoples suffered smallpox, influenza, measles, and whooping cough epidemics after making first-contact with Europeans. Due to their small communities and hunter-gatherer lifestyles, Indigenous communities […]

South America Is The New Epicentre Of COVID-19, According To The World Health Organization

In the midst of the global chaos surrounding the Coronavirus strain, COVID-19, including clashes between leaders and health organizations over how to best combat it, the World Health Organization has announced that Latin America is the new epicentre of the virus. This announcement occurred after weeks of concern on the […]

A Halt To Admittance: Foreign Nationals Under Restrictions

President Trump has released a new proclamation forbidding foreign nationals to enter the country if they have been in Brazil at any time in the 14 days preceding their entry attempt. As we well know, these restrictions follow previously dictated stay-at-home and face-covering orders throughout the nation, as America continues […]

Brazil Launches Military Operations To Combat Deforestation In The Amazon

On May 11th, Brazil’s government deployed thousands of soldiers to combat deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. The troops are working with the police, environmental officials, and other government agencies to prevent wildfires and illegal destructive activities (such as logging). According to a Reuters article dated May 11th, the operation costs […]

An Open Letter Is Urging Brazilian Leaders To Save Indigenous Populations From COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, national leaders offer conflicting approaches to tame its path of destruction. Citizens around the world are urging Brazilian leaders “to adopt immediate measures to protect the country’s indigenous populations against the devastating virus.” Brazilian artists Sebastião Salgado and Lélia Wanick Salgado created […]

How Regulating Gold Mining In The Amazon Works Towards Stopping An Ethnocide Among Latin American Indigenous Populations

Threats posed to Indigenous populations in Brazil’s Amazon due to COVID-19 have unraveled existing problems in the area. Economic needs and illegal mining are driving out the diminishing populations of Amazon natives, fueled by President Bolsonaro’s attempts to rapidly expand and deregulate the Brazilian economy. The environmental consequences of Bolsonaro’s […]

Brazilian Indigenous Communities Under Threat Of Extinction Due To COVID-19

On April 9, a 15-year-old boy from the Yanomami tribe in the Brazilian Amazon died of COVID-19. The Yanomami are the largest relatively isolated tribe in South America and have a population of around 38,000. Their territories in the Brazilian Amazon and the Alto Orinoco–Casiquiare Biosphere Reserve in Venezuela form […]

Flouting The Constitution? Brazilian President Joins Anti-Lockdown Protests

COVID-19 is threatening to further destabilize democracy in Brazil, with mounting fears over President Bolsonaro’s response to the pandemic adding fuel to the fire of popular unrest. On Sunday April 19th, Bolsonaro took to the streets and joined with protesters demanding a return to the type of military rule that external […]