September 2017

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Vows To Avenge Ahvaz Attack

The leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has vowed “revenge” on the U.S. over the recent Ahvaz terror attack. According to Al-Jazeera, the attack took place during the annual military parade held in Ahvaz. It killed 29 people and injured 70 more, with both military personnel and civilians among the casualties. […]

North Korea: Kim Jong-Un Issues Warning To Trump In Response To UN Speech

In a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency, Kim Jong-Un called US President, Donald Trump, “mentally deranged” and warned him that he would “pay dearly” for issuing threats to the regime during his maiden UN general assembly speech on Tuesday—in which he referred to Kim Jong-Un as “Rocket […]

Do Sanctions Really Work?

The UN Security Council recently passed sanctions against North Korea in condemnation of the country’s nuclear testing. These approved sanctions were substantially diluted from the original U.S. proposition last week, which many feared China would veto or abstain from voting on. The initial proposal was described by U.S. President Donald […]