Turkey And Syria Clash In First Direct Conflict In Ongoing Civil War

As the Syrian Civil War enters its ninth year, the Turkish and Syrian governments clashed for the first time. On February 27th, “thirty-three of our soldiers were martyred as a result of the airstrike… by the forces of the [Bashar al-] Assad regime,” said Rahmi Dogan, the governor of a […]

Turkey And Russia Agree On Idlib Ceasefire Amid Intensifying Confrontation

On March 6th, Turkey and Russia concurred on a joint ceasefire agreement in Idlib, while clashes continued to intensify in the stronghold rebel-held region. Idlib has witnessed an escalation of bloodshed since last December, forcing millions of civilian to flee to the northern border of Turkey which resulted in the […]

What Are The Ramifications? Turkish Offensive In Syria Only A “Matter of Time”

President Erdoğan has warned that a Turkish offensive in Syria’s Idlib province is “only a matter of time” in an address to his Justice and Development Party last Wednesday, as Assad’s Russian-backed Syrian forces press deeper into the region. Meanwhile, the mass entry of more than 2,590 Turkish military vehicles […]

Tensions Escalate Between Russia And Turkey Over Syria

On the 29th February, Turkey’s President Erdogan asked Putin to back down and give Turkey a free path to combat the Syrian government, without Russian interference. The announcement follows news that on Friday 28th, Russia dispatched two state-of-the-art warships to the Syrian coast after 33 Turkish soldiers were killed in […]

U.S. Seeks Trilateral Arms Control Pact With Russia And China

In the build-up to the 50th anniversary of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Donald Trump has reached out to Moscow aspiring to create a three-way arms control pact with Russia and China – three nations with some of the largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons. Trump will hold […]

Russia Receives S-350 Surface To Air Missiles Amidst Rearmament Effort

This week, Russia announced that it received over ten new S-350 Vityaz surface to air missiles. These missiles were delivered to the Leningrad region to conduct testing and training exercises with the military. The S-350’s are the newest iteration of the missile, which are designed to be fired from the […]

From Russia With Hate: Pussy Riot’s Music Video Shut Down By Police

Russian police have shut down the shoot for Pussy Riot’s music video for their new song “БЕСИТ / RAGE.”  The police cited the country’s laws against the promotion of “gay propaganda” as their reasons for shutting down the shoot, which, according to Pussy Riot, lost them $15,000.  The feminist and […]