Russian Journalist Escapes Jail Time As Public Pressure Continues To Rise

In a very politicized court case this week, a Russian judge may have set the foundation for a freer Russian media going forward. In the case of Svetlana Prokopyeva, a Russian freelance journalist for the United States funded company Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, was found guilty of justifying a recent […]

Did Trump Know About Russia And Taliban? What Does That Mean For The Peace Deal?

On June 26th, the New York Times published a report saying U.S. Intelligence and Special Operations forces in Afghanistan alerted the administration in January on the Russian plot to pay bounties on American soldiers. However, the White House and the Director of National Intelligence denied allegations of being informed of […]

Russians Struggle To Adapt As Siberian Temperatures Hit Record Highs 

The Arctic Circle is experiencing an unprecedented heat wave. The Siberian village of Verkhoyansk recorded a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit on June 20th, potentially the highest ever reported in the region, according to the World Meteorological Organization.  Residents of Verkhoyansk and other Siberian towns have had to rapidly change […]

Annual U.S.-Led BALTOPS Military Exercises Conducted In Baltic Sea

Earlier this month, the U.S. kicked off the annual BALTOPS military exercises in the Baltic Sea. The BALTOPS is an annual exercise held by United Sates Naval Forces Europe. The exercises normally include naval training, search and rescue exercises, radar testing and tracking, maritime security, and military trials. This year, […]

Military Drones: Geopolitical Toys Or The Replacement For Boots On The Ground?

When one thinks of drones, images of an American MQ-9 Reaper drone flying over somewhere in the Middle East are often the first to appear in one’s mind. The reality is that the global market for defence drones is far wider-reaching. Last week, I wrote about the Trump administration’s push […]

U.S. Preparing To Withdraw 9,500 Troops From Germany

U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered the removal of troops from Germany: the plan to cut 9,500 of the 34,500 U.S. troops in Germany and cap the number of troops at 25,000 blindsided the German government on June 5. According to European diplomats, the allies had never been officially informed […]

European Countries Prepare To Reopen To Tourists

After months of closed borders to all tourism-related travel due to COVID-19, several European countries and the European Union are beginning to draft plans regarding the reopening of many borders to tourism. The European Commission has been encouraging its members to correlate their borders and re-openings, and while some are […]

Mass Producing War

Russia strengthened its position in Syria and Libya this week, challenging U.S. interests in the Mediterranean. In Syria, Russia is poised to sign a 49-year agreement giving the Kremlin free control over the coastal airbase at Himeymin. That’s in addition to the naval facility at Tartus and the newly acquired […]

First Russian Airstrikes Since March Ceasefire Hit Northwest Syria

Russian airstrikes have been reported in northwest Syria, targeting the last major rebel-held territory in the region. These strikes mark a departure from a ceasefire that came into effect in March concerning the region. As such, the air raids were the first to have occurred in three months. While no […]

Russia Supplies Combat Jets To LNA As Wagner Forces Fly Out Of Tripoli

On May 25th 2020, an estimated 1,500 Wagner Group forces (Russian mercenary group) flew out of Tripoli, after General Haftar’s Libyan National Army’s (LNA) withdrew from the capital city. Two days later, the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) announced that Russia deployed 14 MiG 29 and SU-24 fighter planes to Libya, […]

Russian Journalists Charged With Violating Protest And Lockdown Laws

On 28 May 2020, prominent Russian journalists were temporarily detained for violating laws put into place against protesting and social distancing while separately demonstrating their own support for a colleague, Ilya Azar, according to their employers. Azar was jailed for fifteen days on Wednesday after his own solo demonstration supporting […]

It’s War! …You Just Have To Tilt Your Head A Little

Last week the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an essay by Chris Brose, “The End of America’s Era of Military Primacy.” It described the inability of the U.S. to adapt to changes in the geopolitical landscape over the past thirty years. The U.S. mistakenly believed “that no adversary would be […]

Arms Control Treaty Between U.S. And Russia To Expire

On February 5th of 2021, the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, the only remaining U.S.-Russia arms control pact, will expire. Russia has already offered to extend the treaty, called New START for short, for up to five more years. However, Donald Trump does not want to extend the treaty or […]

Putin Is Slowly Re-opening Russia In Spite Of An Increase In Covid-19 Cases

Russians are slowly returning to work after President Vladimir Putin implemented a plan to strategically re-open the country even with an increase in coronavirus cases. According to Reuters correspondents Andrew Osborn and Andrey Kuzmin, Putin will begin reopening businesses after unemployment doubled by 1.4 million since last month. Putin still […]

International Leaders Pledge Billions In Search For COVID-19 Vaccine

The European Union recently held an online summit where over eight billion dollars was pledged to aid in developing a vaccine to battle COVID-19, and to fund research studying the diagnosis and treatment of the virus. The final donors included more than thirty countries and several UN and philanthropic organizations […]