Peace, A Panacea For African Development

It is no longer news that the African continent can be likened to a man who is suffering from an illness whose cure is right in front of his house but yet he ignores it. His case is even more challenging because he is aware of this cure but refuses […]

The INF Treaty Is Dead

On 8th December 1987, Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev of the United States and Soviet Union signed the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty). This was significant as it marked the first time the superpowers had agreed to reduce their nuclear arsenals, eliminate an entire category of nuclear weapons, and utilize […]

Boris Johnson Is Not The Problem With British Politics – The System Is

Boris Johnson became Prime Minister of the UK on Wednesday 23rd July, beating rival Jeremy Hunt—the former Foreign Secretary—in the Conservative Party leadership election.  Some are happy with the result. For example, U.S. President Donald Trump welcomed the news, exclaiming that Johnson ‘will be great’ and that ‘they call him […]

Rising Antisemitism Puts Jews At Risk

An Iowa man was arraigned on Tuesday after sending death threats to a Jewish organization in New York. According to CNN, Garrett Kelsey, 31, admitted in a voluntary interview that he had harassed the organization through hate-filled, antisemitic emails and phone calls. Court documents quoted one message: “My people have […]

Cristiano Da Costa – Ambassador For Timor Lester To NZ

Cristiano da Costa, a representative from Timor Leste, was a very important voice on the perspective of international relations for smaller island countries. In a recent seminar, da Costa indicated that as a small country, Timor Leste has limited power and therefore has to create and maintain diplomatic relationships very […]

The Trump-Kim Nuclear Summit: Finding The Middle Ground With South Korea

Hosted by the ambassador for South Korea, Mr. Seung-bae Yeo, at Victoria University’s Pipitea Campus on 6 June, the Institute For Governance & Policy Studies’ groundbreaking talk covered the history of the divide between the US and North Korea, and South Korea’s role as a neigbour to North Korea and […]

A Climate Crisis: Global Warming And The Future Of Human Rights 2

We have reached a time where it has become impossible to deny the existence of global warming. In the past century, planet earth has seen a rise in the global surface temperature of 0.9 degrees Celsius. This has lead to the last 35 years being some of the hottest ever- […]

Vicarious Trauma And Its Undeniable Link To Consumption Of Media

Vicarious trauma is increasingly being experienced by people because of social media. Social media makes content easily accessible, but also curates our feeds to engage our attention for long periods of time – this can be useful if someone enjoys harmless, fun content like cat videos, but can be detrimental […]

Two Years On, How The Government Is Failing The Victims Of Grenfell Tower

In the early hours of Wednesday 14 June 2017, more than 200 firefighters and 40 fire engines were dispatched to a fire blazing at a 24-storey block of flats in North Kensington, London. 72 people perished in Grenfell Tower. Now two years on, 1 in 10 of those from the […]

Echoes Of Baghdad: Why Iran Will Not Become “Iraq 2.0”

In November 2002, an article was published in the New York Times with the headline: “An Iraq War Won’t Destabilize the Middle East”. This article was one of many produced in the years preceding the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which helped to support the narrative that this would be an […]