Vicarious Trauma And Its Undeniable Link To Consumption Of Media

Vicarious trauma is increasingly being experienced by people because of social media. Social media makes content easily accessible, but also curates our feeds to engage our attention for long periods of time – this can be useful if someone enjoys harmless, fun content like cat videos, but can be detrimental […]

Two Years On, How The Government Is Failing The Victims Of Grenfell Tower

In the early hours of Wednesday 14 June 2017, more than 200 firefighters and 40 fire engines were dispatched to a fire blazing at a 24-storey block of flats in North Kensington, London. 72 people perished in Grenfell Tower. Now two years on, 1 in 10 of those from the […]

Echoes Of Baghdad: Why Iran Will Not Become “Iraq 2.0”

In November 2002, an article was published in the New York Times with the headline: “An Iraq War Won’t Destabilize the Middle East”. This article was one of many produced in the years preceding the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which helped to support the narrative that this would be an […]

Putting A Band-Aid On A Bullet Wound: Nova Scotia’s Healthcare System Is In Need Of Serious Reform

Over-crowded emergency rooms with wait times of over two hours. Walk-in clinics bearing signs in their windows which read, “Currently not accepting any new patients.” This is the reality that the chronically-ill living in Atlantic Canada face as they search for the medical care they require. The effects of the […]

Ending The War In Yemen – The World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

Peaceful solutions are direly needed in Yemen as the Civil War stretches into its fifth year. Since March 2015 the country has deteriorated into what the United Nations (UN) has labelled the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Figures released by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED) […]

Australian Government Remains Quiet On Arms Exports To Saudi Arabia 1

The Australian Government has come under criticism for breaching the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and failing to confront the role its arms exports play in the Yemeni Civil War. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) revealed in February that the federal government had granted an export license and committed more than […]

Difficulties On The Road To China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

In its numerous dimensions, China’s Belt and Road Initiative is perceived as the pinnacle of the modern silk road, connecting the fragmented and developing economies of the Asian subcontinent to Western and Arab markets. An intriguing component of this initiative is CPEC, namely China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, connecting Western China (Xinjian) […]

Inter-Ethnic Violence In Nigeria Pushing Thousands Into Niger

A rise in violence in North-Western Nigeria has led to the displacement of tens of thousands of people across the border into Niger. The cause is believed to be an unprecedented rise in inter-ethnic violence, unrelated to the Boko Haram insurgency currently endemic to the region. At a press briefing […]

Cannes Film Festival Protests- Stop The Atrocity in Colombia!

A few weeks ago at the International Critics’ Week of the Cannes Film Festival, after the release of the Colombian movie Litigante, it’s director, along with the lead actress, it’s producers and the Oscar award nominee Ciro Guerra, held signs on the red carpet that made strong allegations regarding the […]

Hope In History: Why Greta Thunberg Can Save The Planet

The climate movement has been a failure to date in ushering legislators down a more ambitious and urgent path of climate mitigation and adaptation. 2018 greenhouse gas emissions reached an all-time high and if we continue on this rising trajectory the earth will experience up to 5 degrees of warming […]