Rethinking Security: The Nation-State As A Barrier To Emancipation

In the contemporary world, there are a plethora of sources of insecurity, some traditional such as the threat of war or poverty and some relatively contemporary such as the threat of environmental degradation. People expect that nation-state governments work to protect them from such threats, within the context of environmental […]

London Bridge Attack Sparks Debate Over Rehabilitation Policy

In the aftermath of a tragedy, British politicians have resorted to finger-pointing, with two innocent lives lost at the hands of a supposedly rehabilitated terrorist. Boris Johnson and Labour chose to play the blame game, and despite the victims family’s wishes, have politicized a tragedy. Each points their finger at […]

Antisemitism Scandal Continues To Hound The U.K. Labour Party

The past years have seen the U.K.’s Labour Party followed by accusations of endemic Antisemitism and criticism over their disciplinary action regarding it. In the build-up to a tense and fraught election, it is worth examining these claims and evaluating Labour’s reaction to them. For such left-leaning political party accusations […]

The Latest Wave Of Revolutionary Uproar 1

A ripple of revolutions has transpired worldwide with citizens fed up with poor economic, social, and political conditions. From Sudan to Kashmir, to Lebanon and Iraq, there is no shortage of uprisings globally that have dominated our minds, souls, and news cycles. The world is shifting towards exposing corrupt officials, […]

Samoa’s State Of Emergency And Dangerous Domestic Parallels

This past weekend, on Saturday, 6 November 2019, the Government of Samoa declared a state of emergency. The driving force behind the declaration is measles, which has caused at least six deaths, mostly of infants who are less than two years old, according to an official statement from Samoa’s health […]

The Politics of Labelling the NRA ‘a Domestic Terrorist Organisation’

Terrorism is arguably a political construct which encompasses dynamic interests that change over time. With international terrorism being at the forefront of counter-terrorism policy-making, currently, there is no specific federal crime covering acts of terrorism within the U.S. that are not linked to officially designated international terrorist organisations. However, ideologically […]

Protests In Hong Kong Continue After Five Months

Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, many of which have been met with violence, have now been taking place for five months. They originally began as a response to an extradition law that would have made it possible for Hong Kong citizens to be brought to mainland China for certain punishments. […]

The Belt And Road Initiative And The Promise Of Development: Economic Empowerment, Debt-Trap Diplomacy And Security Risks

In September 2013, during a visit to Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana), Kazakhstan, President Xi Jinping of China spoke of an initiative that would “open the strategic regional thoroughfare from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea, and gradually move toward the set-up of a network of transportation that connects Eastern, Western […]

El Salvador Woman Freed After Miscarriage: The Problem With The Pro-Life Movement

An El Salvador woman was found not guilty on Monday after spending nearly three years in prison for a miscarriage. Evelyn Hernandez said she did not know that she was pregnant at the time of the stillbirth, and that the pregnancy had resulted from rape, but was nonetheless given a […]