The Infodemic Of COVID-19: From Miracle Cures To 5G Towers

The days have blended, and the weeks are defined based on the newest bingeable series. As we adopt social distancing and self-isolation measures, these attempts to reduce the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus have shifted our definitions of ‘normal’. A return to a pre-coronavirus world is unfeasible – the […]

Opinion: Why Jacinda Ardern Is Handling NZ Pandemic With Extreme Professionalism And Grace 

Whether you agree with her policies as a Labour Government or not, you absolutely cannot deny that Jacinda Ardern loves her country. She has shown that she will do anything to protect our people, our land, our economy and our rights through challenging times and in everyday life. The last […]

Not Me, Us – Bernie Sanders’ Vision And Case For A Better America

The United States of America is in an important election year that will likely determine its course for another decade. The incumbent president, Donald Trump, is seeking another term and, despite all odds, has a good chance of being re-elected. No other president has been so crude or disinterested in […]

Inquest Finds Prince Kwabena Fosu Died In ‘Plain Sight’ At Harmondsworth Detention Centre In 2012

In 2012, Prince Kwabena Fosu died at an immigration centre. The inquest this week found that his death was partly due to ‘gross failure’ by agencies at the centre, reports the BBC. Neglect and failures by the Home Office contributed to the mentally ill Ghanaian man’s death from hypothermia, dehydration […]

Abstaining From Sex: Brazil’s New Campaign To Decrease Adolescent Birth Rate

In early February, the Brazilian Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights, led by evangelical pastor Damares Alves, launched the campaign “Adolescence first, pregnancy after.” The campaign aims to decrease the adolescent birth rate by encouraging teenage girls to abstain from sexual intercourse until married. “When you have a relationship […]

Coronavirus And The Changing Face Of Hong Kong Protests

Protests have been raging across Hong Kong for nearly a year. While the protests started in February as a response to the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019, which would allow the extradition of criminals to countries like China, the central goals of […]

Acquitted, But Tarnished: Trump’s Impeachment Foreshadows A Dire Political Year For America

On February 5, 2020, the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump came to an expected end in acquittal.  While Senator Mitt Romney shocked the Republican Party by voting for removal based on abuse of power, this outcome projects a bitter year for the American political scene in another election cycle. […]