October 2017

Resource Depletion And Environmental Degradation Drives Humanitarian Crises

On the International Day for Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon highlighted that “since 1990, at least 18 violent conflicts have been fuelled by the exploitation of natural resources such as timber, minerals, oil, and gas.” Just two years ago, Russia, the United […]

No UN Compensation For Kosovan Victims Of Lead Poisoning

In 1999, the UN resettled 8,000 refugees fleeing the terror of the Kosovo war with the creation of two refugee camps in an area previously occupied by the Trepca mine. A further three camps were created nearby and all but one of the supposedly temporary camps were adjacent to the […]

Is Climate Change A Driver of Humanitarian Crisis Or A Mere Fad?

This report will explore the query as to whether climate change is a driver of humanitarian crises or a mere concurrent phase of the global community social trend. Humanitarian crises occur when a society is unable to effectively adapt with the social, economic and environmental strains upon it and such […]