Potential Disproportionate Effect Of COVID-19 On Incarcerated Indigenous Australians

Lawyers from Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT (ALSNSW/ACT) have successfully fought in court for the early release of an Aboriginal dad in custody, whose underlying health condition puts him at severe risk should he contract the COVID-19 virus. The win for ALSNSW/ACT lawyers comes after emergency powers were afforded to the […]

We Need To Get Rid Of Harmony Day

On 21st March 1960, protestors in Sharpeville, South Africa were demonstrating against the country’s discriminatory apartheid laws when police opened fire, killing 69 innocent people and wounding 180 more. Information and photos of what we now refer to as “The Sharpeville Massacre” circulated around the world, demonstrating the brutality of […]

Do Not Deport Your Problems – Australia And New Zealand’s Deportation Troubles

In recent bilateral talks between the Australian and New Zealand governments, Prime Minister Ardern voiced her frustrations with Australia’s treatment of New Zealand migrants. While highlighting the reality that New Zealand migrants are unable to fully contribute to Australian society, she said to Prime Minister Morrison at a press conference […]

Australia’s Contribution Towards Peace Within Bougainville And Papua New Guinea

A joint supervisory body meeting between representatives of the government of Papua New Guinea (P.N.G.) and the Autonomous Bougainville Government (A.B.G.) will be held on 6th March to discuss the outcomes of an independence referendum that was held in Bougainville from 23rd November to 7th December last year. Those present […]

Hyper-Partisanship Is Destroying Western Democracies

The cornerstone of all strong democracies is a multi-party system which often (though not exclusively) includes two major parties, one liberal and one conservative. In an ideal democracy, one would choose which party to vote for based upon which seemed to have the stronger policies in any given election. However, […]

EU, UK Set Out Conflicting Red Lines For Post-Brexit Deal

On Monday, February 3rd, the European Union’s Chief Trade Negotiator, Michel Barnier, released its goals for Brexit. They envision the United Kingdom and the European Union to be on an equal playing field in terms of trade, with no advantages to either side. The EU also seeks “non-regression” in terms […]

Indigenous Australians Subjected To Questionable Strip Searches

Police in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, have come under fire for the alleged illegal use of strip searches on the state’s Indigenous population after the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT revealed children in rural settings were being subject to strip searches without the supervision of a guardian, and Sydney Criminal […]

The Indigenous Experience Of The Australian Bushfires: A Disregard For Cultural Burning, To The Burning Of Culture

The current Australian wildfires have destroyed an area of land belonging to the indigenous group known as the Yuin people. This occurs alongside the resurgence in criticism of the government’s disregard of ‘cultural burning,’ the indigenous practice of managing land through more controlled fires. The Yuin people have an officially […]