ASEAN Faces Pressure After Indonesian Fishermen Rescue Rohingya Refugees At Sea

On Thursday, June 25, Indonesian fishermen pulled 94 Rohingyas, including 30 children, to shore with the aid of maritime officials from Sumatra Island. Local authorities in the Indonesian province of Aceh had initially refused to take in those who were floating out at sea for five months, citing fears that […]

The Destruction Of Aboriginal Heritage And The Commercialisation Of Australia’s Outback

Mining in Australia continues to disempower Indigenous people. The fact that heritage destruction still occurs in contemporary mining exposes clear systemic flaws. Many injustices in mining go unreported as resource extraction activities can be hard to critically assess. It involves complex legal contracts which try to realign communities with stolen […]

Indigenous Communities And COVID-19

One of the groups most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus are the indigenous communities around the world. This vulnerability is not a new phenomenon, as indigenous peoples suffered smallpox, influenza, measles, and whooping cough epidemics after making first-contact with Europeans. Due to their small communities and hunter-gatherer lifestyles, Indigenous communities […]

New Zealand Has Successfully Eliminated COVID-19 – What This Means For NZ And The Rest Of The World

New Zealand is one of the first countries to successfully eliminate COVID-19 entirely from its population, this is a substantial milestone in the worlds’ fight against the pandemic. Because of this, it has been recognised through the global media and they have been celebrating with us as we commemorate our […]

India And Australia Strengthen Military Partnership Through Signing Of Various Agreements

India and Australia have progressed interstate relations after signing a bundle of military agreements through virtual summit on Thursday. Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Scott Morrison employed two bilateral pacts for the “deepening of the defense relationship” between the nations as tensions increase in the Indo-Pacific region. One of the […]

No Justice, No Peace: Australia’s Controversial Response To Its Own Black Lives Matter Movement

George Floyd has left a legacy that resonates around the world. His untimely death as a result of racial profiling and abuses of power has ignited global variants of protests against police brutality. The string that connects these global movements, march in support of Black Lives Matter by linking it […]

What We Must Be Cautious Of After Coronavirus

Australia’s economic reliance on China has revealed itself to be a weakness in the wake of the COVID-19 health crisis. Throughout the early 2000s, Chinese economic growth brought with it the conventional wisdom that liberalization, openness and freedom would permeate the authoritarian regime controlling China. However, this did not happen. […]

China’s Tightening Grip: Hong Kong Security Plan Approved

Fear has been evoked into the citizens of Hong Kong as a result of the Chinese parliament approving national security legislation. On Thursday May 28th, the country’s legislature approved a plan to suppress secession, subversion, terrorism and seemingly any acts that may threaten national security in the semiautonomous city. Beijing […]

Australia Calls On G20 Nations To Launch An Inspection On Wet Wildlife Markets Following COVID-19 Outbreak

The term “wet markets” has been brought into public interest since a wet wildlife market in Wuhan, China was identified as the potential source of the COVID-19 outbreak in early December. The UN Biodiversity Chief, many U.S. Officials, and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases called for their […]

G20 Agrees Debt Relief Plan To Ease Economic Impact Of COVID-19

The wealthiest nations in the world have halted debt repayments from the poorest for the first time since 2005. On the 15th of April, the G20 announced a sweeping plan to suspend $12 billion worth of payments from 77 countries. The move is aimed at helping the globe’s most vulnerable nations […]

Public Trust In Times Of Crisis – New Zealand’s Successful COVID-19 Response

In times of crisis, people look to their leaders to take decisive action. The COVID-19 pandemic has exemplified this well as the global population relies on their governments to prevent widespread infection and minimize fatalities. While many global leaders, such as U.S. President Donald Trump, have been criticized for inadequate […]

Facebook Sued In Australia Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

We don’t bat an eye when, after having a conversation about jogging within earshot of a phone, the next time we open Google, all of the ads are tailored to jogging. Yes, we mention how creepy it is that the software is always listening, but we don’t get upset the way people have with Cambridge Analytica- and Google doesn’t get sued for selling that data to Nike, the way Facebook has for selling it to Cambridge Analytica.

The Infodemic Of COVID-19: From Miracle Cures To 5G Towers

The days have blended, and the weeks are defined based on the newest bingeable series. As we adopt social distancing and self-isolation measures, these attempts to reduce the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus have shifted our definitions of ‘normal’. A return to a pre-coronavirus world is unfeasible – the […]

Opinion: Why Jacinda Ardern Is Handling NZ Pandemic With Extreme Professionalism And Grace 

Whether you agree with her policies as a Labour Government or not, you absolutely cannot deny that Jacinda Ardern loves her country. She has shown that she will do anything to protect our people, our land, our economy and our rights through challenging times and in everyday life. The last […]

Potential Disproportionate Effect Of COVID-19 On Incarcerated Indigenous Australians

Lawyers from Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT (ALSNSW/ACT) have successfully fought in court for the early release of an Aboriginal dad in custody, whose underlying health condition puts him at severe risk should he contract the COVID-19 virus. The win for ALSNSW/ACT lawyers comes after emergency powers were afforded to the […]