How To Respond To The Australian Bushfire Crisis

Since September 2019, in Southeast Australia, there are a total of 146 fires burning across the state. The fires have been so intense that Victoria has declared a state of disaster, and New South Wales has declared a state of emergency, which allows them additional government aid to tackle the […]

Australian Wildfires: An Omen Of Catastrophic Climate Change

Australia is facing an unprecedented national crisis. Wildfires are raging across the country, specifically concentrated in New South Wales and Victoria. First responders are risking their lives, the government deployed thousands of military reservists, and firefighters are relying heavily on civilian volunteers, but nothing seems sufficient to control the flames. […]

Australia Continues To Battle The Raging Bushfires

News continues to develop as the bushfires in Australia rage on. New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria have been declared as in a state of emergency and disaster, and are expected to remain in that state for at least another week. As of the fourth of January, 28 people have […]

Australian Bushfires: The Need To Prioritize Environmental Sustainability Over Short Term Economic Growth 1

Bushfires have continued to ravage the Australian landscape into the New Year, with predictions for further escalations in the coming days. 300 troops have been called in to tackle the fires; a 7-day state of emergency has been called in New South Wales, and a disaster has also been declared […]

Thousands Flee To Beaches In ‘Apocalyptic’ Australian Bushfires

Thousands of people fled to beaches in Victoria, Australia on 30 December 2019 as bushfires continue to rage across the country whilst temperatures hit 40 degrees celsius in every state. Officials have confirmed another two people – believed to be father and son – were killed by the fires, bringing […]

Samoan Measles Outbreak

The Pacific Island of Samoa is currently experiencing a measles epidemic, with the country issuing a state of emergency on the 15th of November. On the 2nd of December, the Samoan Government announced its plans for mass vaccinations and the closing of public spaces in an effort to stop the […]

Evacuations In Australia In Response To Bushfire Threat Highlights Government Inaction

In the state of Victoria, Australia, residents and holidaymakers alike have this Sunday been told to evacuate in the face of huge bushfires which have devastated the region. The mass evacuation has been prompted by worsening weather conditions in the state with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius and strong winds […]

Asking The Big Question: Are Our Countries Really Doing Enough To Stop/Slow Down Climate Change?

For years, climate change was an issue that the majority of politicians around the world did not even acknowledge. It was put on the back burner because of other issues and crises that needed immediate attention. Now, it is a headlining article around the globe as world leaders now scramble […]

Catastrophic Bushfires Destroy Homes And Take Lives In Australia 1

Bushfire season is simply a part of life for those in the northern areas of Australia. However, this year New South Wales has been particularly hard hit, with the Greater Sydney region declaring catastrophic fire danger for the first time ever. So far over 760 houses and 6 lives have […]