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A Chance To Re-imagine Our Place In The Natural World: An Opportunity Presented By COVID-19

Times of crisis offer a space for individual reflection. They can promote new forms of self-awareness and on larger scales can even change societal values and priorities. COVID-19 seems likely to be a crisis that not only requires dramatic shifts in the way we live in the short term, it […]

The Windrush Report: Government Repeatedly Ignores Issue Of Race

A report published by the Home Office entitled “Windrush Lessons Learned Review” has been released. It contains the findings of an independent inquiry conducted by inspector Wendy Williams into the 2018 Windrush Scandal. The report found that the government failed to give the Windrush Generation the appropriate documents to prove […]

European Countries Continue To Respond To COVID-19 Pandemic, Leading To Border Closures And EU Difficulties

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow, causing heightened panic around the globe, many nations have elected to close their borders to curb its effects reduce the number of novel cases, especially those brought by people entering the country who may be sick. As of this week, leaders of European […]

Covid-19 In The West: Pride Or Health?

Just weeks ago, the global community observed the Wuhan virus from a distance, watching as Chinese authorities locked down entire cities, and as neighbouring areas and countries enforced travel restrictions and encouraged social distancing. On 30 January 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO), declared the virus a public health emergency […]

MPs Call For Implementation Of Police Officers In British Schools To Tackle Youth Violence

A group of MPs making up the Home Affairs Committee have called for more investment into neighbourhood policing, which includes placing dedicated police officers into “schools in areas with an above-average risk of serious youth violence”, according to BBC News. This would take action in April 2020, as a way […]

COVID-19: UK Government’s Controversial Response

As of March 12th, confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK have risen to 590. The true number of cases could be much higher. Moving from the “containing” phase to the “delaying” phase, the National Health Service system is on an emergency footing. Although 30 designated hospitals are still receiving patients, […]

Children In Austerity: Behind The Stalling Life Expectancy In Britain

The Issue At Hand In February 2020, Sir Michael Marmot revealed in his newest ten-year report that improvements in life expectancy have stalled in England, which has not happened since at least 1900. Root Causes Marmot attributes the stalling to the government’s post-2008 budget-cutting campaign, which poses obstacles to the […]

Inquest Finds Prince Kwabena Fosu Died In ‘Plain Sight’ At Harmondsworth Detention Centre In 2012

In 2012, Prince Kwabena Fosu died at an immigration centre. The inquest this week found that his death was partly due to ‘gross failure’ by agencies at the centre, reports the BBC. Neglect and failures by the Home Office contributed to the mentally ill Ghanaian man’s death from hypothermia, dehydration […]