Bridging The Catalan Divide: A Complex Endeavour

“Después de la sentencia, convivencia” – “After the sentence, coexistence.” Such were the words of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez at a press conference on 18 October.  Meanwhile, an estimated half a million Catalans were assembling in the streets of Barcelona. A month has passed, and little has changed. As […]

Tensions In Catalonia Boil Over

Tensions in Catalonia have reached a peak over the past two weeks, following the jailing of nine pro-Catalan independence leaders. Spain’s Supreme Court handed down the decision on Monday, October 14, 2019, sentencing the leaders to prison time ranging from nine to 13 years. Spain had the leaders arrested for […]

Ever-Polarizing Political Climate In Spain Brings Catalan Protests Into Third Week

Nine- to thirteen-year prison sentences of Catalan separatist leaders, handed down last week by the Spanish Supreme Court, have sparked violent protests and unrest in Barcelona and other Catalan cities. The sentences have been long awaited since the leaders were arrested in 2017 for organizing a  referendum on Catalonia’s separation […]

Catalan Separatists Continue To Protest And Violence With Police Escalates

In the seventh consecutive night of protests in Barcelona, violent clashes continue to reign in the city and other Catalan cities. In the latest news, Spain’s government refused President of Catalonia Quim Torra’s request to negotiate with the pro-independence movement, and therefore more demonstrations should be expected from the separatist […]

Catalan Separatist Leaders Sentenced To 13 Years In Prison

On Monday 14 October, Spain’s Supreme Court announced the sentencing of several Catalan separatist leaders. Together, they received a total of 100 years in prison, with the former vice-president of Catalonia, Oriol Junqueras, receiving 13 years alone. The long-awaited verdict has sparked outrage amongst the Catalan population, and many have […]

Could Fresh Elections In Spain Reignite The Catalonian Independence Movement? 2

Pedro Sanchez has been acting as Spain’s Prime Minister for nearly four months after being elected in a general election largely dictated by the issue of Catalonian independence. Despite this period, however, Sanchez to date has been unable to form a new government, suffering initially from his failure to win […]

‘Porteadoras’ Suffer Exploitation And Violence On The Border Between Morocco And Spain’s North African Enclaves

Every day on the border between Morocco and Spain’s North African enclaves Melilla and Ceuta, thousands of women act as porters – known locally as ‘porteadoras’ – to transport huge packages to trading points in Morocco. A tax loophole means that anything that can be carried by hand is exempt […]

A Disunited Europe? The EU’s Response To China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative

The ancient Silk Road that linked China to the rest of Eurasia and East Africa is being reborn.  For centuries, goods, technology, and ideas spread throughout the Old World, linking together once disparate civilizations.  This was most evidenced by the Venetian explorer Marco Polo’s journey to the court of the […]

The Catalan Independence Movement Begins Its Next Chapter 3

On 16 March, thousands of supporters of Catalan independence marched through the Spanish capital, Madrid, to protest the ongoing trial of 12 separatist leaders. Demonstrators, many from Catalonia, peacefully marched through Madrid, carrying signs with messages such as “self-determination is not a crime.” They also called for a new vote […]

Catalan Separatists Face The Spanish Supreme Court

Since the failed Catalan independence movement of October 2017, Spain has been seething with political tension. Twelve separatists leaders, now standing trial in Madrid, stand at the nexus of a political battle that stretches back decades. As the defendants appeared before the Spanish Supreme Court, the division that has formed […]