Unwanted Effects Of The COVID-19 On Violence Against Women

As stated by the World Health Organization, the current global pandemic of COVID-19, has affected the lives of all people regardless of borders. The Coronavirus constitutes a life-threatening illness that has already caused thousands of deaths and has left many people vulnerable, especially in conflict-affected areas. The pandemic has created […]

A Chance To Re-imagine Our Place In The Natural World: An Opportunity Presented By COVID-19

Times of crisis offer a space for individual reflection. They can promote new forms of self-awareness and on larger scales can even change societal values and priorities. COVID-19 seems likely to be a crisis that not only requires dramatic shifts in the way we live in the short term, it […]

COVID-19 In Latin America

What might happen in Latin America with weak economies, fragile public health systems, high rates of unemployment, and huge inefficiencies in the delivery of other public services, if the continent reaches a peak in the cases of coronavirus infections? Timeline Of Outbreak The first case of COVID-19 in Latin America […]

European Countries Continue To Respond To COVID-19 Pandemic, Leading To Border Closures And EU Difficulties

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow, causing heightened panic around the globe, many nations have elected to close their borders to curb its effects reduce the number of novel cases, especially those brought by people entering the country who may be sick. As of this week, leaders of European […]

With Renewed Support From Catalan Separatists, Spain’s Sanchez Seeks Backing As PM

Pedro Sanchez, acting Prime Minister of Spain, has vowed to build a coalition government between Spain and Catalonia, ending months of stalled political advancement. Sanchez has received continued support from separatists, and this move to create the first Spanish coalition government would be groundbreaking. As the socialist leader, he has […]

With Strengthened Support From Catalan Separatists, Spain’s Sánchez Aims For PM Position

Pedro Sánchez, prime minister of Spain, has vowed to make a coalition government between Spain and Catalonia, ending months of stalled political advancement. This would be a groundbreaking move, creating Spain’s first coalition government. As a socialist leader, he has brought something new to the political sphere in Spain, along […]

The Rising Threat Of Protest Fatigue

As evidenced by the growing number of protests, riots, and outright revolutions, we live in a tumultuous time. The New York Times reports that since World War II, mass protests have become more common year after year. The current frequency of protests is unprecedented. The point of this article is […]

The Catalan Constitutional Crisis: Does Turning To Legislation For Political Answers Facilitate Peaceful Resolution?

In instances of political complications and turmoil, people often turn to constitutions and legislature to find answers, as they seem to be the only variable that is considered constant and stable as they are specifically designed as a path to justice. However, the constitutionalist approach towards peace and justice does […]

Bridging The Catalan Divide: A Complex Endeavour

“Después de la sentencia, convivencia” – “After the sentence, coexistence.” Such were the words of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez at a press conference on 18 October.  Meanwhile, an estimated half a million Catalans were assembling in the streets of Barcelona. A month has passed, and little has changed. As […]